Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Thanksgiving is here again. Where did the past year go? I am so thankful for so many blessings, too many to count. One, being the bounty of traditional Thanksgiving foods we will enjoy in a big dinner with family and friends. For good health, and happiness, wonderful family and friends, creating and painting, and the continued blessings God has provided each and everyday. For most of us, we roast our turkey, in the oven, early in the morning so the juicy golden brown bird is ready to enjoy early to late afternoon. Each year I do the cooking as it has become our family tradition. Each year the turkey takes on a personality of it's own. Each year is a little different, even with the same foods and each year another day to be thankful for. I was thinking of all the turkey dinners I have prepared and thought I would share a few pictures of roast turkey from a few of my treasured cookbooks that I collect. I also threw in a picture of sweet potato pie, one of my families favorite.

So now we kick off another holiday season with the start of Thanksgiving, the parades on television, gathering of family and friends, baking, Christmas card writing and of course, SHOPPING! So let the festivities begin and Happy Holidays!!

The above cake keeper is the newest addition to by eBay store La Rea Rose and can be seen by clicking on the link to the top left. This sweet piece is so yummy sweet in light pink roses with aqua filler flowers and teamed up with a clear glass dish for serving. Vintage from the 1950's and perfect for the collector or the shabby cottage home. I invite you to take a peek!

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