Monday, February 15, 2010

As The Remodel Proceeds~~~~

Here we are starting week 2. Yes, the remodel continues of the master bathroom. I find myself very anxious to get everything finished, but I know from many a remodel in my career and lifetime, that it does take time. Every little detail takes lots of measuring, planning and patience. Then, you wait for inspectors to approve before you can move to the next step. But through it all, the process is rewarding. I have mentioned many times here, when I do a redesign, I see it finished before I begin. That's just how I work out the plan for change. Then I draw from my design board and my vision to the end. It is my formula to reach the final look. And, final look I am ready for. LOL! We lost 2 days last week because of our snow storm but full steam ahead this week to completion. We are trying for the end of the week with the walls and all the tiled surfaces. Then the plumber will finish his details before the glass man comes with the shower doors.

Here are a few pics of the progress so far. The top and first picture is the design board I made for the redesign. Sometimes changes have to be made here and some details addressed, but I am fairly close to this one. I did however change the tile to travertine from rialto.
Today was a huge accomplishment as the shower walls were installed in the shower area and also around the jacuzzi tub. Our tile guy also got lots of tiles cut and measured. He is a perfectionist and everything has to line up perfect before he proceeds. I am so glad he works this way, as any mistakes in positioning will show. Tiles have to be perfect as they run up the tub skirt to look right. This is when you find out how straight your walls are. Then, more adjustments have to be made so those crooked walls don't show. LOL
It takes a talented tile guy to do it right. I am thankful for this, because I tell ya, I have never seen a perfectly square room.

Special drywall for showers is used to be water tight and mildew resistant. The floor of the shower is called the "shower pan" Here is a special type that will never leak, crack, or mildew. Over this base goes the tile. This step has to be thoroughly inspected by the city before you can continue with tile.

The tile is a travertine in neutrals shades. It is slightly lighter then the pics show. The grout will be a type that is permanetly sealed to never discolor or need to be sealed again. Got to love that. No scrubbing grout~~ yeah!!!

I know these are not very pretty pics at the moment, but I hope you are enjoying the progress along the way and the steps it is taking to completion. Remember it always looks bad before it looks good. My old saying about everything I paint!!
So till next time, I will leave you with some prettier pics of my Valentine roses.

As a side note, during our big event of a snow storm last week, we had 12.5 inches of snow in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Never that much snow in 32 years. We may not see it again for that long too. Today it is gone, all melted away with the sunshine~~ although still cold temps linger. Spring, hurry up, we miss you!!
Here is Miss Beazy pooped after her run in the snow.

Till next time, have a wonderful week.
Blessings always, Celestina Marie

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