Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Just a Song and Dance!

Hi Friends!

Hope you're having a good week.

I'm a bit behind here and still making my rounds to visit.
Thank you for stopping by
the well wishes for my migraine headaches.
Many of you have shared you also fight this from time to time.
It is a challenge isn't it? 

We had strong rain storms with tornadoes all around this week.
Hopefully the rains will wash away the pollen 
which adds to headache misery!

In the meantime,
without going into any more of a  song and dance about headaches~~

I'll just share a gate by the same title.
Found this on a drive one day.
The words caught my eye.

Beautiful entrance~

Maybe the family sing and dance?
Maybe this is the home to a music and dance teacher?
Whatever the case,
This gate has an interesting sign!

Thanks for stopping by for 

I'm a day early with Good Fences making room for
Thoughts of Home on Thursday too.

Hope you stop back Friday 
The Bluebonnet Blog Hop!

See you soon.
Celestina Marie

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