Monday, January 18, 2016

Home With a Heart

Before the holidays,
I kept eyeing this darling HOME pillow  with a red heart on the Pottery Barn site.
I thought it would be a nice addition when I refreshed the living room,

Waited for it to go on sale,
 but missed out along the way
as I lost track of it.
So with that, I let the idea  go.

Then recently on a supply run to JoAnn
I came across the same style
HOME pillow at a huge discount
but the heart was not red like the PB pillow.

No problem 
and nothing that a little fabric paint can't change.

Using acrylic paint
mixed with Fabric Medium~
any paint can be turned into paint for fabric.

I wanted to change the tan heart to red.

This pillow has a zipper opening,
so I took out the insert pillow.

Next I cut a piece of cardboard 
to lay inside and under the heart area.

I covered the board with parchment paper.
This is to insure no paint bleeds through the fabric 
to the backside.

If the pillow did not have the opening,
I could have painted right over the heart.
Since it would not be open, no problem with bleed through to the back.

To make the fabric paint, 
I mix equal parts,
paint to medium.
For example,
5 drops of paint to 5 drops of fabric medium.

Mix all together and begin painting.

Here is where you need to stay in the lines!!

When completely painted, let dry.
After dry, it may need a second coat.
This one did.

Once dry and complete, 
pull out the cardboard
and replace the pillow form inside.

You can see in the pic above, the paint never came through even the top layer.

Heat set the paint, by using a dry iron on medium heat
over the design covered with a soft cloth.
Just heat for 30 seconds or so and done.
Don't iron per-say, just hold in place to heat.
The heat set keeps the color from fading when cleaned.

I do not recommend washing this however,
spot clean or dry clean for best longevity.

So here it is on my PB loveseat.
and a close second to the PB pillow I first admired.

The red is the same color on this Paris pillow!

Completed pillow project and ready to enjoy.
Love how the pillow I thought I lost,
found me while looking for art supplies.

Perfect for the month of February and beyond~~~

I'll be back to share more refresh changes in this room.

Till then
have a great week.


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