Monday, October 15, 2007


Let me introduce you to my wonderful and talented friends from our special and unique group called PRETTY ROMATIC HOMES. We are a group offering unique and lovely treasures, hand painted, sewn and created to bring lovely home accents and precious gift ideas. Not only is this group of very talented and designing women special, but the sisterhood is cherished among us and a wonderful place to be. Below you will see just a glimpse of the special treasures each one offers. Be sure to click on their shoppes to the right to visit and view all the pretties that will be sure to make you smile.

Ele~~ from a BIT OF PINK HEAVEN is a very talented sewer, paper crafter, and elegant decorator in home and display. Her creative talents are exceptional and her visions for new and unique ideas are enless. She is a designing inspiration!

Amy~~ from BUNNY ROSE COTTAGE is very creative and designs the pretties paper roses, hand sewn treasures, tea theme decor and adorable hang tags. She is an inspiration and a designing talent with fresh ideas!

Katie~~ from ROSE BREEZE BOUTIQUE designs and specializes in lovely rose hand paintings and countryside scenes, hand sewn treasures such as quilts, totes and pillows. Her creativity is endless!
Lorena~~ from ROSE CHIC FRIENDS is a inspiring, spiritual and creative talent designing lovely rose paintings, hand sewn tea cozies and paper crafts with hang tags! She is an amazing talent!

Connie~~ from ROSE PORCH DESIGNS is not only our PRETTY ROMANTIC HOMES LEADER, but a very talented sewer, adorable hang tag paper crafter, painter and gorgeous template designer. She is endless with hervalued help and direction. Her creative ideas never end!

Karen~~ from SECOND HAND ROSE is a beautiful creative talent and designs rose paintings, paper crafts, hang tags, and hand sewn treasures. Her unique ideas bring special creations! She decorates with charm and true beauty!

Bertie~~from AUNT MAYS COTTAGE is extremely creative and brings a touch of the Victorian to her lovely treasures. From pearls and lace, curtains and pillows, to home accents for every room in the home, she has it all. Style with charm and the most creative writer too.

Stephanie~~ from ANGELIC ACCENTS is one special and talented designer. She offers Venetian Mirrors, beautiful home accents and fabulous home scents, all with a bit of bling! She is a decorating talent and creative with her visions!

Rhea~~from SWEET N SHABBY ROSES is an extreme talent, designing soft and precious hand painted roses and pretty victorian paper crafts, hang tags, hand sewn accents and is a spiritual inspiration. She is always creating new treasures!

Sharon~~ from SWEET VICTORIAN ROSE brings gorgeous treasures with her special heart charm jewelry designed with the most delicate hand painted roses. She creates paper crafts, sews and adds charm and grace to found treasures. She has a flare for vintage and makeovers!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


As the holidays draw near, I find myself busier then ever in the studio designing and painting new treasures for this Christmas season. Ornaments, snowmen, angels and more are on the way to my eBay store La Rea Rose. Glitter is everywhere and it probably will be till next spring.

But that is okay, cause a little bling never hurt anyone~right?

Each day brings new fun and I am beginning to get the holiday spirit even though we haven't seen Halloween yet. LOL!! I invite you to visit my store by clicking on La Rea Rose to the right. I hope to bring new pretties each week, and I invite you to take a peek along the way. I also will share treasured Christmas decor and memory makers I have collected through the years.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007


Isn't this a gorgeous group of treasures? The beautiful shabby rose pumpkin was handmade and sewn by Amy from Bunny Rose Cottage. Wow! is it special, in it's light pink and rose fabric with sweet embellishments. I ordered this from Amy as she launched her new store on etsy. She also included with my new shabby pumpkin some of her darling hang tags, pretty paper roses and divine cinnamon tea pot ornament. I have been enjoying these special treasures ever since they arrived. Amy is well on her way to creating and designing wonderful items for all to enjoy. Make sure to visit and view her items by going to her blog and clicking on her etsy store. I can tell you that she puts her heart and soul into her passion for the shabby rose decor she loves and it shows in the beautiful items she has been creating. I am so happy to have these wonderful items in my collection from a special friend and PRH sister.

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