Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Love From Yesterday"


There is a cozy little corner, within my cottage dear,
Crying for a visit and so I sat right there.

With chair that graced a redo and table close at hand,
I’ll sit my sweet green tea cup with thoughts of days to plan.

My mind so filled with ideas,
While sipping raspberry tea.

I’ll plan and wish and dream away
Of things not yet to be.

Sweet teacup was so lonely, until I filled her up,
My chance to recall memories of days and loved ones much.

Remembering this teacup a gift to Mother dear,
From a sweet little God child, for a birthday one fine year.

Wrapped in pink with ribbons and smiles of giving delight,
Mother opened the precious present for delicate was inside.

With glee and squeals of affection and hugs to go around,
Godchild was so happy for Mother was so proud.

Through the years sweet tea cup, gave joys and love untold,
Mother cherished it completely, for God had blessed her so.

With love and admiration for simple things in life,
I learned a faithful lesson, to give is always right.

Today this green sweet tea cup, lives with me right here,
Within my cozy corner forever to be dear.

Joined in many moments upon my comfy spot,
I cherish quiet blessings and tea within sweet cup.

For life has given joys never to compare,
And when I want to visit, I’ll sit upon my chair.

Sweet teacup will be waiting to meet me for the day,
And together we’ll remember,
Love from Yesterday!
author,© Celestina Marie 2011

Thank you for visiting!
Love from Texas,
Celestina Marie

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