Saturday, May 30, 2015

Down the Walking Trail

Hi Friends
Happy Weekend

I thought it would be fun to take you along on my walking trail.
There is nothing new under the sun. ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9

Going to the end of my little lane of 8 houses, and crossing the road, there is a
wonderful walking trail that goes through  a wooded area  and out to a park and picnic area.

Walking to this little bridge, we cross over into a natural
jungle of trees and hidden critters.

The trail goes through the trees with wonderful informational markers to explain the habitat.

Going to the left there is an outdoor Amphitheater along  the paths lined with cottage coach lamps

Theater seating under the trees and stars  awaits an outdoor gathering.

I do not seek, I find. ~ Pablo Picasso

This little bridge crosses over to another trail.

Leading to wide open spaces on the trail.

A trail that winds around a long walk to another bridge below.

No effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost. ~ Helen Keller

Walking around in our last direction we come to the thick of the trail
and  informational markers to share what grows here.

Below is a marker for the Green Ash Tree.
Looks like someone marked initials on it.  Not nice!!
The Green Ash

Info about the Flood Plain.

This little creek was dry too when I took this photo.
Since then our month long rains has filled it up. 

Prairie Flame

A pretty shrub with bright green leaves.

Here is one of the largest trees along the path.
Not sure of the exact name and there is no marker, but I think its like a Poplar or Cottonwood.
It grows like a weed.

So pretty with the sun streaming through the trees.
Looking up, you can see how big it is.

Art is man's nature, nature is God's art. ~ P.J. Bailey

Out from the woodsy area we come to another little bridge that crosses over to
tennis courts and ball park.

I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Turning at the fork in the road we come to another marker for the Post Oak Tree.

Post Oak

Another marker shares info for the Texas Pecan Tree.

The ball park is a place of fun when filled up with kids playing baseball.
You can hear the laughter, joy and shouts of a good ball game and you know summer is here.
laughter lengthens life ~ ken brown

Walking along we pass a fun little playground for families and their kids.

Another area just right for a summer picnic.

One of these days is none of these days ~ English saying

This comes to the end of the trail and our walk.

I'll take the bridge again and head back home.

Before I go~
I spotted a sweet little bunny and he stopped for a picture.

Thank you for coming along.

Have a great weekend.

Be Blessed!

Celestina Marie

Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees.~ Revelation 7:3

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good Fence from a Row of Roses

Hi Friends
Welcome to another week of Good Fences.

This pretty rose fence is one I see on my walking trail.

It's just a house away from my son's home 
and across a bridge I walk over each day on my walking trail and through a park.

The neighbor put much work into creating this pretty fence and it blooms all summer long.

Love the iron hummingbird on the chimney.

A fence can be more then wood or metal!
Love this one made of red roses.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day.

Celestina Marie


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Decorating a Wood Box

Hi Friends,
Hope you all enjoyed a nice long holiday weekend.

Recently I was going through my stash of stuff to redesign, 
 and I always find things I forget I have.

It's like going junkin all over again when I shop my store room.
Some day I'll show you that room next to my studio. 
But today I'll share this box I had stashed away.

I forgot how long ago I found this wood box.
Do you do that when you find treasures to create with?

Anyway, I've been on a kick to design with boxes lately so  this was a good re-find!!

Starting with one of my favorite chalk paints in sheepskin,
 I painted the whole wood box inside and out.

The lid just lifts off.
I think it may have had a hinge at one time, but I like the lift off style better.

Adding lots of sanded distress gives it some cottage charm.

Once dry the fun began.

I added lace and burlap ribbon all around the sides.

Lined the inside bottom and inside lid top with a pretty decorative paper
and glitter trim.

Next I added a vintage style postcard graphic to the lid on an angle.

It needed a little something, so I painted a few French roses trailing around.

Sealed all and complete for storing keepsakes, TV remote and more.

Here's another box style writing desk I found recently.
It was painted gold in it's previous life and I nearly passed it up.

Ivory chalk paint with light pink stripes, graphics and hand painted roses and filler flowers
redesigned this one.

Adding distress all around and aged the hinges a bit more with brown chalk paint.

To the inside I added pretty decorative papers with trim to reflect my painting on the desk top.

Here's another  below I shared recently created from a vintage glove box.

All in shades of tone on tone whites and creams hand painted with chalk paint inside and out.
The lid is designed with crocheted flowers and painted faux leaves.

Another fun box is this international cafe coffee container created with laces on a
chalk painted ivory background.

Here's another idea.
I found a vintage sewing drawer with inside slats and a hole drilled at the top.

The inside wood dividers are removable to use either as a wall shelf,
table storage or stand alone display.

Painted with lace chalk paint, and distressed before I added decorative papers to the background.

And last, this flower box my guy created  and I shared  in a post a few weeks ago, 
is doing very well and the shamrock plant is growing beautiful and beginning to bloom.

Still working on a few more boxes and having fun filling the shelves 

Well, my breaks over ~ off to visit you before 
my brushes start calling.

See you soon.
Celestina Marie


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