Monday, November 23, 2015

Woodland Tree Base

Most of us have, or had, one or two of these trees.
You know,
the woodland style trees with the real looking trunk.
Evergreen boughs placed from top to bottom
that bend and shape into place.
The bottom of these trees
are a metal base 6 inches square 
for balance.
Trouble is, they are not very pretty.

I decided to give these a new look
so I went through my stash of supplies.

I happen to have burlap on hand~

and cotton batting.

Cut a square of the burlap  around the base,

then added the batting around the trunk and top of the metal square.

Gathered some wire and cut a length about 12 inches.

Next, I gathered the burlap up around the trunk
and tied the wire to secure in place.

Trimmed any long burlap and adjusted the gathers.

Tied a red ribbon around the wire and complete.

Here's  a peek of how the trees turned out.
I placed one on each side of the fireplace.
So much better then a metal base
don't you think?

I'll share the rest of this story
in posts to come.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Be Blessed~

See you again soon.


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