Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy March Happenings and We Have A Winner!

Hi Friends!
Is it spring yet?
With temps warming up for most of us, we hope it's soon, right?!?

I've been having too much fun the last two weeks
bringing out a little spring decor
preparing the garden for plantings.

Here are a few photos sharing what's been going on at Rose Garden Cottage~
While the bunnies have not hopped out yet,
I have accomplished some
lighter looks and styling for springy days ahead!

The Studio's been buzzing with new studies like these in my workshop art lessons!
Gorgeous tulips!

Dogwoods and rustic birdhouse!

February Violets!


Springtime always brings to me dreams of a fresh new outlook.
A new season to begin when the gardens wake to the warm sunshine
and all is new again!
When many more creations are born from my paint brushes
and home decor changes to greet the new season!
These are the Springtime dreams
that make me thankful for the blessings God has given me and my family!

What is your new outlook for springtime?

Now for the winner of my giveaway~~
Celebrating 10 years of Blogging
 This is the gift box
filled with goodies!
If you missed what's inside, you can view the contents by visiting the post below.

I gathered all the comments~
Yes, I still do this the old fashion way too.
Placed all the entries in the hat.
My hubby helped out here by mixing up all the entries real well.

Next he drew a folded paper~

to reveal our winner!!
Kathy Moreland!

Congrats Kathy!! I will contact you next!

Thank you to all who entered.
I wish you all could win.
This has been fun and I love putting together giveaways for you all!
However, throughout the 10th year,
I will have more giveaways in celebration of blogging!!

Wishing you all a Happy March and Springtime Dreams!

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