Thursday, March 10, 2016

Around the Garden

Looks like an early spring
for us
in the Lone Star State!
We've had strong storms this week.
Spelling out~
Welcome to Texas in the springtime!

Before the storms,
I took a walk in my garden.
So many of the plants and blooms lasted all winter
for the first time ever!

Here is what greeted me in the garden~

Camellia all in red and blooming gorgeous!

They've been blooming since February.

Pretty light blue pansies.

The color is stunning!

Violas and rosemary all in bloom.

Gardenia's in white and dark green leaves.

Day-lilies popped up through the ground and thriving.

Berries on the trees in brilliant red.
The birds are very happy munching away in the trees.

The ferns made it through the winter over the pool shed!

Carolina Jasmine sunny and bright in yellow.

A few first pink roses.

Spring is here
soon we will be here~~

Are you seeing signs of springtime?
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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