Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sending Best Wishes.........

for a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my American blogging friends.

Yes, this time has rolled around again and how fast the seasons come and go. This year, like none before, seem to be busier then ever. I do not remember a time my studio has been so crazy busy!! Having said that, also come many thanks for the blessings God has given over this past year.

As 2009 comes close to an end, I can't help but reflect on the joys this year has brought to myself, family and friends. Too many to list, but felt in the heart and seen everyday.

Thanksgiving was always a special time when I was growing up. My Mother and Dad prepared for a big day and wonderful dinner for a large family and friends that would gather at our home.
Mom would prepare for days ahead after work, making special dishes, cookies, cleaning and setting the perfect table to hold many.

We lived in a small sweet 1949 cottage bungalow with 3 floors. But we always had plenty of room in the basement that dad finished, with room to hold many guests.

In the center, was a large table where our feast would take place. Once everyone arrived and the turkey was baked, we took our places at the large table, held hands and dad said grace. Thankful for our loved ones and the food set before us once again. It was a special time full of love and peace right there in the basement.

Through the years this tradition continued. There were times the snow was knee deep, times dear loved ones had passed away, times when tough events would fall on family members. But through it all, in sickness and health, we looked forward to gathering together to give thanks.

In our home today, my Best Guy and I, still carry those same traditions. We are so thankful for blessings that we see and feel within our hearts. The love that fills our home is very special. Although we don't have knee deep snow, we share the same message my mother and dad displayed so many years ago.

I hope for you, this holiday is special. Wherever you are and however you celebrate Thanksgiving, may it be one that is blessed with plenty and hope for the future.

We plan a special week with a long time family friend who is coming to visit. I have been preparing many days while working, just like mom used to do. Thankful for the season and thankful for time to share our blessings with others.

Over the past couple weeks I have missed having the time to visit all my blog friends. Missed my daily posts too, as it seems I paint, ship and start all over again. This season is wonderful proof that more peeps are shopping on line like never before. I look forward to getting back to a normal routine after the holidays and for Christmas sharing lots of holiday decor and hand painted treasures in posts still to come.

In the meantime, Best Wishes for a special and Happy Thanksgiving!
Love to you and blessings be yours, Celestina Marie

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