Friday, January 29, 2016

Springtime Inspiration, Going Up in Smoke

Well, maybe not exactly~~

Many years ago
 I did a study with one of my favorite artists,
 Nancy Kinny 
 I learned a pretty soft background technique called smoked.

This technique is done with a block pillar candle and silver spoon.

 As the candle burns, 
you hold a real silver spoon over the flame until it turns black 
and starts to send up smoke.

 Then, holding your item that has already been based coated,
 you hold it over the smoke moving it around to evenly, 
or with good balance, 
give it a soft misty, smokey look.

This can take some practice, but the effect is gorgeous.

Once you have the background the way you want it, 
you proceed to paint or decorate your item however you choose. 

This will not work with a stainless steel spoon.
It has to be real silver.

This is how it should look below when complete. 
At this point, you would lightly varnish the smoked piece to keep it in place 
and to keep it
from smudging 
while you are working on the painting or other design. 
This way, the soot won't come off on your hands or smear.

 I did this art technique on an old vintage cake pan
then painted a design from Nancy Kinny on the pan.
 It's a Carolina Wren sitting in ivy leaves.
 Can you see the smokey look on the soft ivory background color?
It's very subtle but gives a soft effect.
Can you see this done on a treasured furniture piece?
It would be tricky to do, but oh how pretty.

Such a sweet little birdie.
 I loved working on him. 
The next two pics are taken on a magazine holder.
 I also painted  this technique while doing a study with Nancy's design and techniques. 
One side of the holder is a winter blue jay and the other side a springtime robin.
 I painted this wooden treasure about 16 years ago.

Love how strong and wintry the smoke technique looks here.

 I love to paint birds and also little nests.

 After completing the Carolina Wren,
 I painted another vintage pan with a rose nest,
 but this one without the smoked background.

I was on a roll and painted another little nest on a pretty pink vintage spoon.

These have long since gone to their new homes.

This large wooden spoon below lives with me.
I painted this a few years ago 
after a dear friend from Norway,
brought it to me after a trip to her homeland.

It hangs on my hutch in the dining room.

With spring, hopefully around the corner
 warmer days ahead,
 I can't wait to be outside in my garden
of course in the studio creating pretties for the season.

Are you done with winter?

We all know February can be brutal
but we can dream right?

Enjoy this last weekend in January.

See you again soon.
Celestina Marie 

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