Friday, February 5, 2016

The Road To The Silos

We headed south on a cold
 but beautiful crisp morning.

Not much traffic for a Friday.

I love the wide open spaces 
and gorgeous blue skies of my beloved Texas!

Normally this trip is about 2 1/2 hours from my location.
But that Friday, we hit a ton of road construction 
so it took an hour longer
making it later when we arrived at the market.

I know this post has taken me a bit long to pull together.
Just so many photos from our trip 
it took time to sort through them all.

Yesterday in Good Fences,
I shared this pic from the Hilton.
This was the view of The Silos from our room.

I could hardly wait to drive the short distance
to visit 
The Magnolia Market
right in the heart of downtown Waco, Texas.

This area is by the hotel.
The Market is located less then 2 miles away.

As we drive up to the location.
This is the site.
The Silos are behind the little white building
which will be a Something Sweet Shop 
opening later this year
to the left is the old barn turned
Magnolia Market.
Beyond the market is the play area with the food trucks and garden.

A short drive around the site
points us in the direction 
as we pass the garden area.

Plenty of good parking located to the back and side of the
market near the railroad tracks.

 An industrial type area normal for downtown cities.

We arrive to the building with all the goodies inside!!
Yay, I'm here!!

Walking around the building,
this is the entrance to the market floor.

I captured a rare photo, when for a second,
no one was around.

That certainly was not the case during our visit.
The first day on Friday was elbow to elbow inside.

Just up the steps we go into the market.

The crowd gathered promptly before 9am.

To the left is the entry door.
These pics are taken on the second day visit.
It was really hard to even take a photo 
on day one.
I could only get the back of folks heads, it was that crowded.
It was a challenge to get good pics with all the movement and bright lightening.
It seemed to cause a glare against the sunshine from the windows.

This is 9am in the morning and the perfect time to really see the goods.

Olive buckets in great abundance.

You have to remember to look up. Lots of treasures hang from the ceiling.

Among all the neutrals you see a pop of red!!

Signs often used on the show designed by Jimmy Don.

 Today is a Good Day for a Good Day

 A pretty faux flower section filled with spring blooms.

Now imagine the work that went into designing 
this building for a sales floor.
From top to bottom it is graced with
beautiful flooring, display areas, lighting 
checkout lanes that wrapped around the entire front.
When I was there, 
you needed to gear up for a long line and wait.
The checkout line to the left wrapped around twice.

Do you see the magnolia leaf wreath behind the counter to the right?
It is a best seller. I did not buy it however~
I have a huge magnolia tree and I have made them and will make another.

I'll tell you,
the best and worst time to visit is Saturday!!
The Market opens 9-6 Monday through Saturday!
Get there and get in line before 9am when they open the doors.
By 10am and later, it simply fills up with a crowd.
Weekdays might be ideal,
but the excitement and fun is not the same.
Food trucks, music and happy folks all file in from near and far on the weekend.
Closed on Sunday!!
In the parking lot you see cars from all over the country.

My Guy found Chip's Corner
was happy to look through all the manly stuff!!
Hats, thermos's, metal, bolts and more~~~

This section of the market, is one level down from the main sales floor.
I ventured down here once I shopped the first floor about 3 times over. haha

Here displayed are goodies you see on the show and more.
I found a basket I had my eye on.
As you can see, I was happy to find it too.

Joanna's parents were on this level over looking the activity
and busy displaying and adding inventory from the store room
located just to the left of the area.
I recognized them right away from the Christmas show 
that aired in December for the
Magnolia House, which I visited too and will share that tomorrow.

Anyway. I would have liked to meet the parents in person.
But they were so busy running around and working,
I didn't have the heart to interrupt them.
"Jo and Chip are not usually seen here" one saleslady told me.
But I bet they stop in and check things out on Sundays, don't you?.

Most of the items for sale,
are pieces used on the show when Jo decorates 
a Fixer Upper!!
Be ready for lots of goodies, but a bit pricey for mass market.
I did not read the reviews before going on purpose.
I wanted to form my own opinion.
I'll let you do the same when or if you visit!!

As you can see, I found a few treasures 
they have found places in my cottage
 I'll share those in future posts.

As the fun continued,
We walked around to the activities area just behind the market.
Here surrounding the faux grassy play area for kids and families,
are food trucks lining the outer edge of the grounds.

Picnic tables here give a place to sit and relax 
while enjoying the day and a quick snack.

Music plays from morning to evening
adding to the excitement.
The garden area is to the right of the picnic tables
and a beautiful spot for winter plantings known for Texas gardens.

As we walk over to visit the outdoor areas,
we pass The Silos topped with the rusty word.

You do not go inside The Silos.
Just wanted to clarify ~ they
are merely a landmark on the property.

 Here are the food trucks, the faux grassy play area and picnic tables.
The trucks consist of  the food trucks~
Common Grounds
Milo Waco
Luna Juice
Brick Oven Pizza
Co-Town Crepes
Cheddar Box
Club Sandwich

Looks empty here for a Saturday
 but everyone was inside. 
Remember, it was a cold day.

Split rail fence by the garden area.

Next, we walked over to the Magnolia Garden just inside the fence.
You can see the downtown in the background.

Raised beds filled with winter ornamental cabbage
adding beautiful color against the neutral woods.

Surrounded by the pretty white split rail fence
and the walkway also lined with gorgeous plantings.

Love the pretty purple with green in the ornamental cabbage.
Notice the planting in the large olive bucket.

Also in the garden, is a display set up
to purchase locally made jams and juices
to help World Hunger.
My guy purchased strawberry jam.
It is delicious!

Here's a look from the garden back to the market.
Notice the walkway.
Another huge undertaking to build and design around the grounds.
From the fencing around the entire complex,
 to the lightening, music and more,
one can see how this was a huge undertaking to build and open to the public.


Below are a few more photos from around the grounds.

Food trucks line two sides of the grounds.

This building is going to be the sweet shoppe.

Beautiful trellis's like this are positioned all around the building.
When the vines grow tall,
it will be a beautiful building accent.

Remember, The Magnolia Market
just opened last October 2015.
I am sure when all the landscape has 
more time to grow through a summer season,
it will be magnificent.

The famous red truck by the rusty silo.
Everyone was taking time for a photo here.

We got some hot tea from a food truck.
The sun was shining, but it was a cold day!!

I'll take you to the rest of this story 
when we visit,
The Magnolia House,
Harp Design Co.
The shops that Joanna recommends
and another
beautiful showroom just down the road from the market
The Findery.

Thanks for stopping by to join me in visiting 
The Magnolia Market
The Silos
from Fixer Upper!
I know this was a long post.
No other way to share it~~

See you tomorrow with more!
Have a great weekend. 
Celestina Marie


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