Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Day Dec.22, 1945

my Precious parents were married. Yes, 66 years ago this very day. It would be 10 years later I would come into this world and be blessed with the best mother and dad anyone could ask for.

For this special couple, their wedding was not glitz or glamour. No gorgeous dress and no big wedding reception. My dad had just come home from the war a couple weeks earlier and asked his beloved to marry him. They had no money and no way to prepare a gathering to celebrate, but my grandmother did make a wonderful day with dinner and special memories to last a lifetime. No one could even afford a camera and dads camera he used in the war, never made it home, so I have no pictures of that special day only the stories my precious mother and dad told me many times growing up.
In my mind I can see the day, cold and snowing, but warm with true love and hope for the future.
They did not want to wait to marry and do a lot of planning for they were already apart 3 years while dad served his time all over Europe in WWII. So marry they did and a union was blessed with God's love and faithfulness.

In all their days, that faith held strong and God did direct their path in many wonderful ways. They taught me what struggle and sacrifice was all about, how hard work and staying power would see you through tough times and that trust in God would be the rock on which to build your house.

Today I am very thankful for the life they gave me, the teachings I reflect on most everyday, and the love they gave unconditionally. I can't imagine how wonderful it would have been to marry just 3 days before Christmas and to celebrate for years that anniversary so many times before they passed away. Christmas was always special in our home with the anniversary of two sweet people and the celebration of Jesus' birth.

For me today, so close to Christmas, my thoughts go back to their special day, I give thanks to my most high FATHER for the gift he planned for me so many years ago.

Memories are very special and in honor of 66 years ago, I celebrate true love.

Our last picture at Christmas together, celebrating mother and dad's 52nd wedding anniversary.

Merry Christmas and Merry Memories!

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