Thursday, December 12, 2013

ShadowBox Snowflakes

Many years ago
my mother
created these
darling needlepoint on canvas
They are created with soft white yarn,
center pearls
and glitter.
I have displayed them on our tree many times,
but thought
they really needed a place of their own to be enjoyed.
These pretties just get lost on the tree.
So after giving it some thought,
I found a wonderful shadowbox
half off at Hobby Lobby.
Perfectly the best little home during the holidays
for these wonderful keepsakes.
Love the carved details in white.
Can you see the glitter on the snowflake?

The glass door of this piece opens.
The back wall of the box is linen like fabric
and padded,  
so you can change out the contents with the season
by pinning inside all sorts
of treasures.
I can see keepsakes displayed in here
throughout the year.
I used pearl pins to hold the snowflakes in place
making a pattern to display them.
Some how I may have lost one through the years
as I started with 12, but only have 11 in my collection now.
Well too many moves and probably lost one in the packing.

I think Mom would like knowing
her pretty snowflakes
are displayed this way.
Thanks mom.
I think of you every time I look at this wall.
Have a wonderful day.
I'll be back to share Christmas
in this very room
next time.
Till then.
Stay warm.
Celestina Marie


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