Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Part Two, The Cottages on The Prairie and The STORE!

Welcome back to visit Part 2
on our trip to
Rachel Ashwell's
The Prairie,
Shabby Chic Couture.
We left off in my last post
with a visit to
The Ranger Lounge
Cornflower Cottage
with a view of Liliput Cottage.
If you missed Part 1
you can visit, HERE
The next cottage
was our neighbor
and called~
Faith Cottage
It has a sweet little porch front and back
along with this raised flower beds in front.
I am sure in season they are filled with flowers
and gorgeous.
To the front of Faith Cottage
Blue Bonnet Barn above.
I did not get too close for pics as people were staying there.
It too has a pretty little porch and back side
with a
wonderful clothesline
and a sheet moving in the wind.
This just takes me back to
my childhood home
with clothes on the line to dry on a pretty day.
Beyond the tree,
and in front of Cornflower in the above pic
a darling green house.
This was our view each day
as we walked out of The Cornflower.
This is written
in the cement
going inside.
Friends Are Like A
 Garden Always
in Bloom

One day there was a red cardinal
that seemed to lose his way and was trapped
flying around inside the greenhouse.
My guy went in and opened everything so he could
find his way out.
Once he did fly away, we closed it all secure again.
I wish I could have taken his pic
but it all happened so fast, I missed getting a shot.
The pretty red bird was so happy to be free once again.
Moving on
is another sweet cottage
sitting back in The Prairie
Meadow Manor.
It has a beautiful front porch
to relax and take in the
Again, guests were occupying the cottage
and I did not want to get too close
for pics.
This beautiful fountain
is situated along side
I can imagine in spring and summer
the sound of the water would be so peaceful.
Beautiful roses trail
all around the grounds.
We were so fortune to see many
blooming, even in December.
Another old building at The Prairie
Pearl Barn
This is a large white barn used for weddings
and gatherings.

Taking a break
on the back porch of Pearl Barn.
I was looking over at the cows
grazing on the prairie.
Just a beautiful view,
so peaceful
calm and quiet.
This is the best of Texas my friends.
Now I know you are waiting to see
the "STORE"
The Shabby Chic Couture
is normally closed
 but will open for you upon request.
Of course I made that request
and one of the nice ladies working there
opened it up for us and
I had the whole place to myself.
Well, my guy was there too.
Here is a peek inside.
I was so absorbed in shopping.
I didn't know he was taking my pic.


Still shopping~
I did purchase a signed copy of The Prairie.
I already had this one, but just had to own a signed book too.

One of the little notebooks from this display
found it's way into my basket.
Along with a votive holder
tea cups, wine glasses and a drinking jar!

Love the dishes and I purchased a
large serving platter
with the label,
The Prairie.

From the linen collection I loved
a floral dish towel
and added it to the mix too.
Just look at the fabrics~~~
I think I was done shopping and browsing
but could have stayed much longer.
I did leave with some wonderful treasures from
The Shabby Chic Couture.
Next time in Part 3,
 I'll  take you around The Prairie for
our daily walk
and a trip into the town of Roundtop too.
Thank you for joining me at
Rachel Ashwell's
The Prairie.
See you soon.
Celestina Marie

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