Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Dress Form Ball 2013

This year's Dress Form Ball is being held in Orlando, Florida 
March 11th 2013.
This second year event is being hosted by Carol, the talented designer
for the Ball.
Everyone is busy getting ready and planning their trip to Florida to attend.
Here in Texas, at Celestina Marie Design,
several of the girls are planning to go to the Ball.
As I walked around the cottage,
hoping to see how their outfits were coming along,
the excitement was growing in anticipation of the fun.
The first girls ready are
The French Petite Duo~
wearing vintage french designs
of sheet music fabric and damask style gown.
Each girl chose accents and accessories to enhance her style.
They look tres chic, don't you think?

And here we have,
 Miss White Iron
This very chic lady chose to go in her natural style
a vintage black swan shawl and pearls.
I think she looks gorgeous, don't you?

Another girl  getting ready and so thrilled to be going this year
Miss Mannie Kin
She is wearing a lace skirt and vintage blouse, mine from years ago.
She added a vintage cameo pin and pearls.
Ready to carry, is her pretty rose bouquet
and hand crocheted hankie.
I guess she is preparing  for the goodbye's.
Right down to her hand painted vintage shoes,
she is ready to dance the night away.

Lastly, I checked on
Miss Ele Gant
and she was putting on her last touches
 and packing to board a plane
with the others.
She said she has been on a diet to fit into her gorgeous skirt of
glittery fabric and fringe.
I made her a sashay crocheted glittery scarf
to go with her skirt.

It fits perfectly
 and looks so chic with her lace and gemstone pin.
Miss Ele Gant's vintage suitcase is packed,
and she will be wearing her best vintage gloves in black.

 All the girls left for the Ball.

I heard they arrived and

having an amazing time.

I know their hostess, Carol, has made everything extra special.
I can't wait to hear all about the fun when they return.

But for now,
 I'll take a peek at the party goers
by visiting blogland.

I'm  sure the gowns are gorgeous.


Hope you can join the fun  and visit the many blog friends sending their girls.

A big thank you to Carol for hosting for the second year.

Be sure to visit,

 The Polka Dot Closet and the Dress Form Ball.


Till the girls come home.

Sending hugs!

Celestina Marie


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