Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Memories for Tea Time~

Many years ago, in the Autumn of the year I recall a special time and visit from my mother. She was always one to treat you to gifts upon a visit. This particular Fall season, mom was coming home from an appointment when she stopped along the way at a little boutique she thought looked interesting. Browsing all the pretties in the unique shop, she came upon a few apple dish pieces, the last ones left in the shop of that design. At the time, my kitchen was decorated in apples and any collectibles I could find found a place among my treasures.

The pieces mom found were an apple mug with sugar and creamer, pie plate and 2 votive cups. So with the loving heart she always carried, she purchased the last of the stenciled apple line in excitement to gift them to me. You can imagine my surprise when her gift was handed to me, wrapped so pretty, and given with a smile that always lit up a room.

I was thrilled to receive these apple treasures from my mother. To this day they are treasures I hold dear. Not because of the material value, but the sweet envision of my mother browsing the little boutique and finding a gift just for me. She seldom purchased something for herself. Always putting others first, with thoughtful and endearing ways.

I think of those special moments every Autumn season when I see a bowl of apples or browse a little boutique with a Fall display. She was one of God's special angels and sent to earth to teach me how to live. For this I always give thanks.

Today with cooler weather and special moments along a very busy work week, I take the time to relax, reflect and enjoy a mug of tea or hot chocolate, cider or vanilla coffee in my special apple mug. Maybe I'll carve out some time to turn those apples into a pie. I just might~~ but for sure I will remember special memories, mother and the joy of giving.

Thank you Mama, I love you~

Please visit our dear hostess, Sandi of Rose Chintz Cottage for the list of more participants sharing tea time.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Just a Little Spot of Tea~

Welcome friends to another Tea Time Tuesday. With Autumn just a few days away, you can feel the air changing and the soft hum of the wind outside.
For me, this is a favorite time of year. Cozy evenings, curling up with a good book, comfort foods on the stove, inspiring days creating, and of course a delicious cup of tea.
With many busy days ahead this season, I must make it a point to stop, relax and enjoy a tea break, even for just a little spot of tea. Which brings me to share a few of my favorite small tea pretties.

Sweet and useful in gorgeous blue and white is this hinged teapot porcelain box. Perfect for holding tea or sweeteners.

Tiny and true is another favorite that was a gift from a dear friend. I just love this sweet Blue Willow decorative set complete with the original scene on the tea pot and saucers.

Demi cups and saucers are among my small favorites too and on vacation this year I found this gorgeous little rose luster ware demi set. It was marked 2 dollars. Of course that was too good to pass up.

The details and condition are like new. Simply small and gorgeous.

Lastly and lovely is the small and oh so pretty sugar and creamer set. I found this at an antique market several weeks ago. I appreciate the hand painted and raised design in soft colors. It looks to be very old but in elegant condition. Look how pretty is compliments the rose luster ware set.

For today, even with a small cup of tea, I will read the pages of A Cup of Friendship, by The Clever Factory and welcome you to join me in remembering, take time to relax within the busy times of the day. Reflect on the season and the joy in everyday treasures. Time marches on so quickly and what we miss we can never get back.

Thank you for joining me today and for the list of more tea time participants, take a journey over to Sandi's of Rose Chintz Cottage.
Happy Autumn~
Blessings always,

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn Almond Tea & Dreams

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday and welcome Autumn, maybe, hopefully, sometime or someday!!
Well we saw some cooler temps last week, then today the heat was back at 103 degrees again. We are hoping this is the last of it as we are so ready for Fall days. Anyway, I am dreaming of cooler weather and in hopes of times to come, I am serving Almond Tea today with cinnamon almond vanilla cookies drizzled with vanilla glaze.

My tea cup for today was my mother in laws and given to me when she sadly passed away 20 years ago. I was thrilled to own the 4 piece cup and saucer set with 4 luncheon plates including sugar and creamer. I am not sure if there ever was a tea pot, but that's okay as I team it up with one to celebrate the season. Since rusty orange is a complimentary color to blue, I am serving tea in my pumpkin tea pot found at Home Goods a few years ago. It all goes nicely together. I love this set because I know it meant so much to her and in my care I honor her memory.

Not sure what the marking or maker is as it is worn and hard to see, but it is a type of luster ware in a creamy ivory and gorgeous blue with gold trim.

Love the rusty rose bud topping the sugar bowl.

Serving tea from my pumpkin tea pot. Nothing fancy or vintage, just a cute tea pot for the season.

Our tea today is set on my hutch with decor for Autumn. Friends know I am a "stager" and can't help but pull a few treasures together to set the mood.
Behind the setting is a pretty painted platter and to each side, copper tea lights with candle rings and I used the luncheon plates behind those.

Our treat for today is cinnamon almond vanilla cookies topped with a drizzle of vanilla icing. They are so good and light. Perfect for our almond tea.

Now let's enjoy some tea and share the recipe.

The directions are to brew tea and combine all ingredients together except the 3 pints of water. Just before serving add the water.

So enjoyed tea with you today. I'll go back to dreaming of cooler days and looking forward to tea with the list of participants hosted by our gracious Sandi, from Rose Chintz Cottage. Have a wonderful September day and Blessings Always.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Paris Chic ~ Thank you!

Bloggy friends are very special.
Recently my giveaway winner was dear Sherry from Creatology. I was so happy to send her win and she shared it in a post.

However, to my surprise she sent me not only a thank you card, but a hand sewn and designed Paris and pink toile tote designed by her from her line called Sassy Chicks.

Chic card!

I was just over the moon thrilled to open a box to find this stunning purse/tote wrapped in a dress pattern.
The tote is reversible with one side being pink toile with darling heart button pins that can move around and be worn in different ways. And then, it reverses to a Paris fabric side with a pocket for sun glasses, cell phone, etc. Perfect and I love it. Thank you so very much Sherry. I am really enjoying it.

Visit Sherry and say hello. She is extremely talented and her work gorgeous.

In my studio I have a new addition and her name is Miss Mannie. A Paris chic dress form standing 5'5" tall and dressed in a damask fabric, black stand, pink and black feather boa and wearing vintage pearls and pin with a black and pink scarf. Oh she is gorgeous and is right at home with my black toile room.
Finding her was unexpected while shopping at Hobby Lobby for a few supplies. I was walking out with my purchase when I spotted Miss Mannie on the way out. She had a split side seam, and I thought, I could fix her and she would be good as new. So back inside I went, asked the manager about her, and he was nice enough to give me a huge discount. So home with me she came, given a few stitches on her side, replaced the trim and healed she was. I may not leave her with this fabric for long, but she really does fit in nicely in her original attire for now.

Please welcome and meet Miss Mannie~ last name Quin. LOL~~ I couldn't resist.

Thank you for stopping by. It is a very busy time in my studio these days. Working, I mean playing, long hours in the studio and loving every minute of it. It seems the holiday season is well underway and when you think about it, nearly just 3 months to Christmas. My brushes are calling.

Happy Fall~almost!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Alfresco Style Tea Time

Greetings Tea Time Friends and welcome to an outdoor tea time. Finally we are blessed with some cooler temps and it is a welcome change. I have been waiting to take tea outside all summer, so today please join me and take a seat on the comfy sofa and we will enjoy the cooler air over tea and Italian Lady Fingers from Italy.

For our tea I'd like to share one of my favorite teacups from England. It is Wedgwood and has the prettiest garden pattern of flowers on an ivory background.

Holding our precious brew is another favorite from the Tuscany Collection and designed in a very pretty soft yellow stoneware.

To carry our tea outdoors, I recently hand painted a distressed tray found at a flea market with a Tuscan country side scene done in a painting study from one of my favorite decorative books.

To serve our Lady Fingers, I have used this pretty red and white transfer ware plate with a Autumn scene of picking apples in the orchard. Around the plate is a design of acorns and leaves. Perfect little dish for Fall. The Lady Fingers are from Italy and low in sugar and calories. I get these at our Farmers Market called Sprouts. It is a tasty light cookie for tea and dunking.

Pretty little hankies make the nicest napkins and today I am adding a pretty one with yellow trim and flowers. Perfect for our cup and tea pot.

While enjoying tea on this cooler last of summer day, I love to be inspired by one of my favorite design books, Putting the Heart in your Home, by Jean Lemmon. It is filled with beautiful and inspiring pictures of home decor.

The weather is glorious and you can feel in the air that Autumn is on the way. The soft winds give way to the beginning of a new season soon to follow. Thank you for coming to tea today. I was so glad to have you meet me outdoors for a relaxing visit.
Please join our hostess, Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for the list of participants.

See you soon.

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