Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Greetings and Happy New Year blog friends. 
I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

As we enter into the winter months with our young new year ahead,
 I can't help but look towards a new journey and the anticipation of all to come our way. 

Everything fresh with a new start,
 a new outlook with faith for the days ahead.
 Do you feel this way each new year?
 Do you like to re-evaluate your direction? 
Do you make resolutions? 
I am not one to make resolutions per say,
but rather,
 a conviction to ask God's direction
 and listen for the answers.
 Having new plans and trying to do my best.

Whatever you have planned for your journey,
 I hope the new year is filled with all that makes you happy.
 All that gives you hope, 
all that makes your heart sing with the blessing of meeting each new day. 

May God give you peace and love along your path and may this new year be one to remember!

I will be back sometime in January with lots to share.
We are taking on a big home project this month with all the cottage windows to be replaced.
Needless to say,
the computer, printer, and everything in between will be covered till the dust settles.
We have a ton of windows so it's a big project and a dusty one! 
 as some of you know,
 I also work for my hubbies company
and January will have me away observing and learning off site.

I can try and stay in touch with my phone
through your blogs, FB, IG, Pinterest and more.

Thank you for a great year of blogging and friendship in 2016.
I look forward to another wonderful year ahead sharing with you 
and joining  in your adventures and blogland journeys!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.
GOD Bless you in 2017

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In Just a Few Days~

Yes, in just  a few days we will celebrate another
It has been a year that seemed to fly by.
Did it feel that way to you?

Looking back there is so much to be thankful for
and so many blessings to count
although that is always impossible.

I'm glad you stopped by one last time 
before our year comes to a close.

Welcome to Rose Garden Cottage

We have no snow but it sure is cold in Texas.

Santa did his shopping~

and filled his bag with goodies.
The cottage is decorated~

The cozy time begins!

A kiss for luck and good tidings shared with loved ones!
The tree is decorated and all aglow,

The collections are adorned~

Beautiful meals are shared

with family and friends

as we remember loved ones near and far.

Many we have prayed for and many are missed~

remembering the old times

and the classics of long ago.

I've spent a lot of time here painting

 and being thankful for my work
even when I never seem to get it all completed.

but taking cozy times near,
and reading a bit here.
Enjoying Cards sent and received,

and fluffy the nest for winter~
Yes, it's been a dear deer, year!

And now as we remember the reason for the season.

My dear and I would like to wish you 
A Very Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year.

Thank you for all your visits this year and your blogland friendship.
It is a blessing and a joy.

I'll be taking some time to reflect, rejoice and spend time with family and friends.
 I hope you make time to do the same.
See you in the new year.
God Bless you all!

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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Season of Merriment and Melody in Dallas,Texas

Welcome friends!
Today I want to share a special email I received over the weekend
The National Society of Decorative Painters.
This is the society I've had the joy of being a member of since 1988.
As most of you know, I'm a Decorative Design Painter and Interior Style Artist.
I painted ornaments for the White House Blue Room Christmas Tree along with other members in 1998 and 2004 
 was invited to visit and have dinner at the White House.
An experience that still brings great joy when I remember those special times traveling
to Washington DC.

The musical drum I painted is shown in the Society's graphic to the left. It was hand painted in several jeweltone colors all around with directions for stroke work Rosemaling designing to complete each instrument.

This season my 2004 trip is being revisited and shared exactly the way it was
at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas.
Below is the blog post from the Society that was shared with me over the weekend with links to my post which I shared with you in blogland.
It is an honor to help decorate the People's House
if you live in the area or plan to visit Dallas now through Jan. 8th 2016,
I invite you to share in the fun of seeing the amazing theme for 2004.

Posted: 09 Dec 2016 10:39 AM PST
The new exhibit “A Season of Merriment and Melody” at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas opened on November 17 and is a replica of the 2004 White House Christmas tree, which featured more than 350 miniature musical instruments hand-painted by our members.
Bush Library-Blue Room Tree SDP
Our Boots & Brushes of San Antonio Chapter visited center last month. They enjoyed classic holiday music, took photos with Santa and in front of the Christmas tree, and saw the original White House decorations from 2004! Current Past President Wendy Watson ADP shared pictures from the visit.
Bush Library announcement Visit to Bush Library 2016 with SDP tree Wendy and Michele Oval Office Oval Office - Wendy and Santa Bush Library Chorale Visit to Bush Library - Yummy beautiful cookies
A number of our members who painted the ornaments are reminiscing about their experience, one of them being current President Kathy Swigon CDA. Take a look at the ornament she painted for the tree.
kathy swigon ornament
Another member is Celeste (Celestina Marie) who painted an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree in 1998 and 2004. “As a (SDP) member since 1988, I have improved my skill, met many great artists, studied alongside kindred spirits, and yes, even taken the road to the White House, she said. “What an honor it was for all of us!” You can read more about Celeste’s experience in this blog post on her website Southern Daydreams.

Larry and Celeste with Laura Bush in front of the Blue Room Christmas tree 2004.
Laura Bush (1)
You may ask, what happens to the ornaments once Christmas is over? The ornaments painted for the White House stay with the White House and are used in other ways in the future or displayed in the Library of Congress.
The exhibit will be open to the public through January 8, 2017. To purchase tickets and for more information, visit BUSHCENTER.ORG/HOLIDAYS.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my revisit from the Society for 2016.

See you soon with more Christmas home decorating.
Wishing you happy days as we countdown to Christmas.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Cozy at Christmas Holiday Blog Tour 2016

 Hi Friends and Welcome to
Cozy at Christmas Holiday Blog Tour.

Our hostess for the next few days 

I've been busy here at Rose Garden Cottage
and welcome you today for a little tour.

The porch is ready to greet friends and family.

The glittered deer welcomes as friends and family arrive.
The old wood sled
was painted red like my front door
and this year sports a pair of figure skates stuffed with winter greens.

Christmas postcards from France grace my vintage style door urn
filled with winter greens.

 Santa is standing in the entry and ready to greet you.
Come on in and stay awhile.
So nice to have you visit.

My tour today is right in the dining room.
The table is set, the tree is decorated 
all is ready for Christmas!

This year I decided on a theme of reds, white, silver, gold
and a pop of aqua throughout  my cottage.

To the hutch top,
 I've added a garland of evergreens to my
white rooster parade.

In the evening the lights on the garland frame a cozy glow!

Taking a peek inside the hutch,
I've used a mix of holiday plates
with red, white and a pop of aqua.
Vintage school books lift and showcase among the treasures.
This sweet little angel is a gift from Ginny, a dear blogging friend.
The vintage red goblets are from the Mississippi Glass Factory in Pennsylvania 
where most of my family lived and many worked in that factory years ago.

Bottle brush trees stand among my dishes and collectibles.

Bringing in the aqua with a bowl of ornaments and a sweet aqua cow creamer.
The red floral platter was my mother's from the late 40's

Old books with Johnson Bros. dishes and holly plates become part of the decor.
Teacup plates hold a sugared red apple.

My little house mouse is taking a nap.
He is full from munching on an apple.
This sweet decoration was a gift many years ago from my grandmother.
I love it nana!!

On the hutch top, I kept it simple like the interior
 by just adding a tray with a red ware fruit  teapot by Antique Reflections,
Spode Christmas cup and saucer, and a couple more bottle brush trees 
with a pretty
Winterberry Platter.

Anyone for Christmas tea?

Around the dining room I've placed pretty accents
like these glittered
white roses with magnolia leaves
 in a tall farmhouse pitcher
 standing on a tall pedestal table.
The fabric roses were easy to glitter by spraying them with adhesive glue
and sprinkling glitter all over each rose.
It's a bit messy but turns out great and lasts without yellowing.

Pretty velvet and script fabric Christmas stockings hang 
on each side of the hutch filled with greens
 atop a vintage style window frame.
I stuff the stockings with poly-fill to hang fuller.

To the right of the dining table,
I've decorated my vintage Barley Twist buffet with
pretty holiday treasures.
A few years ago I painted this buffet black
and added the white accents with a stencil.
My talented hubby added the bottom shelf for the white bowls.
This piece was white at one time, I may go back to that.
What do you think?

I've used deer in my decorating theme again this year
and this sweet wood pair of deer stand among the greens on 
my handmade shelf.
To hold the stemware in the first photo above, 
I've placed two pegs side by side, and  slide the stem bottoms in place.
To each stem I've added a small candle ring for color.

Love the music shoppe near by.
Music is a big part of my life and while I didn't
bring out all my larger village pieces this year,
I had to bring out this treasured one.

Inside the little couple are singing carols.
This scene brings back special memories of
growing up and playing the piano every Christmas while
we all sang carols.

This special pillow makes for a comfy spot by the window and perfect for a seat to relax
with a cup of tea and enjoy the tree.

Last year I found these glittered antlers and keeping with the deer theme, I
 hung them in my ivory dream catcher on a side wall.

Please take a seat around my table.
Here I used a soft ivory tablecloth in a window pane design.
To the center of the table I've layered a poinsettia topper.

To one of my favorite cake plate gifts from a dear friend,
I've added a darling light up cottage under a cloche
with a boxwood wreath at the base and a scattering of
red,white and aqua ornaments.
The cottage was a gift  many years ago and part of a Christmas flower arrangement.
A gift that keeps giving years later.

In the evening, the light inside the cottage makes such a cozy setting.
I could live in this cottage.
See the family gathered around inside?
I love this sweet charming treasure.

On each end of the table, I've placed a beautiful Christmas tree plate.
My mother  made these over 40 years ago and they are
as pretty now and they were so long ago.
Thank you mom, I love and cherish these hand painted by you.

On each side of the centerpiece,
I've placed these beautiful glass candle holders
with drip catchers that have crystals tangling around.
The candle holders are from Ireland and a gift from my dear hubby
when we first got married 43 years ago.
In place of real candles, I've added these faux candles from Ikea.
It's hard to get a good picture of these and they have a bit of a glare here, 
but in person, the light is soft and pretty.

Here is a better view of the poinsettia topper.
All embroidered and cut out work on an ivory background with holly leaves.

For the place settings,
I layered The Noel patterned Christmas plates from England with red charges on white placemats.
To the center, I've added a ring of rosemary.
These are a find from Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.
The stemware and dessert cups have rings of gold with holly and berries all around.
Years ago my Swedish daughter and exchange student gave me these goblets and dessert cups.
They were gifts for dining at Arby's years ago.
I really did feed her that year,(haha) she just loved to go there with her friends after school events
and in the fall, collected these for me.
What a special memory.
I love them my dear daughter and remember the memories every time we use them!!

My napkins are red with an embossed poinsettia design
and held with a snow dove napkin ring.
This set of doves are a long time treasure of mine and
given to me as a gift for a wedding shower I gave for a special friend.
They are perfect for all seasons.
 Love them Kathy!

To each chair back, I've added a silk red ribbon wrapped around
winter greens and berries.

Over the table, I dressed my vintage style chandelier,
with a garland of poinsettias, gold berries
drop crystals all around.
The crystals are designed in different shapes and stay in place year round.

I usually put up two or even three trees each year.
This season I decorated two skinny trees and one of those
 trees is placed in the dining room window. 
 The skinny style makes it easier to move around the table.
To this tree, I've added red, white, silver with aqua ornaments along with red birds.
The tree skirt is red velvet with a silver snowflake design all around.

And, my tree would not be complete here at "Rose Garden Cottage"
without large garden roses placed in the tree from top to bottom.

To the top of the tree, sits a large fluffy red bow.

When the sun goes down and the lights come on,
it's a cozy room to dine and enjoy family and friends
around the table.

This is my favorite view,
looking out from the table and seeing my deer all aglow in the front garden.

As are time together comes to a close,
I can't help but reflect on a wonderful year
and all the many friends here in blogland who have made it special.
You are all very dear and I wish for you,
blessings and God's grace this Christmas and beyond.
Let us remember loved ones and special memories that will
carry us through the season and into the new year.

But before you leave,
 I want to share one more thing.
 To the left of my front door,
I've placed a vintage style mailbox
and this year,
 I'm using it to hold Christmas cards.
I thought it was a good idea and can be used all through the year
to share cards and postcards for other holidays too.

Merry Christmas ya'll!
I'll be back throughout the month sharing more decor.

Thank you for visiting my Cozy at Christmas Holiday Tour.

It has been a joy to have you.

Merry Christmas with Love,
For more touring fun.
Visit the participates below in our three day schedule.
Thank you to our hostess 

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