Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas in the Dining Room

Setting the Holiday in the Dining Room.

Each year this room changes a bit.
I don't always decorate it the same.
That's what makes our decor fun, don't you thing?

In the window facing the front of the house,
I add a tall skinny tree to give more room getting around the table.

To this tree I have all vintage ornaments from the 40's
or WWII ornaments.
Filled in with vintage snowflakes and large red roses.

The walls here are a lighter color of creamy tan then what is showing.
It's just hard to photograph this space with the light from the windows.
The trim is off white.

This area is looking from the entry and into the kitchen.

I tied red ribbon with greens, holly, berries and  pine cones
to the back of each chair.

The table is set with a mix of dishes in different styles.

The hutch is topped with garland among my white roosters and one red.

Christmas dishes.

Inside the hutch filled with seasonal dishes.

I change these around depending what time of year it is.

My grandmother's tea set from Italy.
I've shared a story about this
She also gave me the little Christmas mouse 
taking a nap after eating some of the apple covered in snow.
I simply love this treasure.

To the side of the hutch I have a chair that also changes with the season
just by adding large pillow shams.
Just tuck and fit and you have a new chair.

From the chair this would be the view.
You can see the main Christmas tree off in the distance.
So hard to photograph in the evening.
Sorry for the blurs.

A garland of poinsettias layered on the
chandy over the table with crystal drops and silver snowflakes.

A cloche on a vintage redware dish on the side buffet.

Gotta love a little red truck delivering trees.

I change this around depending on the season.
Pumpkins for fall,
Little beachcballs for summer would be cute!

Another Santa I cut and designed from wood many years ago.
He is simply made from a 2x4

This photo in black and white takes me back to
Christmas many years ago.
Remember when we only had black and white photos?
Tell me you know this??
or am I that old?

My dining room is ready to go.
It will get a workout this Christmas
I love that it will.
It's not just a room to walk past.
I believe in enjoying all of the home.

Wishing you many happy times this Christmas.

See you again soon.
Have a great day!

Celestina Marie


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