Monday, April 14, 2014

Creating a Boxwood Outdoor Wreath

With the warmer weather,
I've made a major project of my garden.
Over late winter, we had to replace our fence
and with a pool, this is a big ordeal.
So with the replacement came a lot of
garden redesign too.
That part is nearly complete and now the fun begins
 decorating the garden.
As you may know,
my outdoor space is just another spot to  decorate for me.
An outdoor room under the sky.
So I had an idea for an outdoor boxwood wreath.
After seeing them priced on line for
90 plus dollars,
I created my own.
Here are the steps.
Starting with a wire frame from any craft shop.
And, 5 stems of boxwood~

Bending the boxwood to form the frame.

Applying the curves, laying one over the other to cover the stem.

Wiring in place as you go.

Next, I created a beachy shell nest
for the bottom.

Now it looks like this
and ready to place in my garden

But first, I added the wreath to a vintage window
for the background.

Next, I went through my stash and found a wire shelf
with hooks that I could use for a window box of sorts.
So after hanging the window to the side of my backyard side entry,
I added the window box.
With a few faux plants and a little frog friend,
it starts to shape up for a welcome outside wall display.

Here's a view from the back towards the side yard.
The spot where I've been spending a lot of time in  the garden.
See the new fence?
In another month the fence will be stained in a pretty oak color.
I think that will showcase the plantings nicely.
I'll be back to share more of the side yard next time.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great week and see you soon.
Thank you to all new followers.
So nice to meet you!
Wishing you Southern DayDreams
Celestina Marie
just wanted to drop in again to
let you know, like many of you, blogger is
giving me many challenging moments.
Your comments are not going to my inbox, and I am
not receiving follow by email properly either.
Also my comments are now no-reply and I did
not change any settings.
Hope the glitches get fixed soon, but if you don't
see me, you know why and I will catch up with you
as quickly as I can.
Happy Monday.


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