Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Fences

Hi Friends
Welcome to another Thursday and 

Last week I shared with you a few ranch entry gates and fences.

This week I'd like to show you one of the ranch properties
as we drive past the gate and circle around the sprawling grounds.

We drive through the open gate to begin our tour.
The fence runs through the property all around the ranch house and public buildings
for seasonal and yearly functions.

The view is beautiful and not a cloud in the sky.
Notice the old ranch wagon to the right.

We see a horse or two out in the pasture grazing along with the white geese.
Rolling waves of grass and split rail fences.

Past an area for a picnic by the water.

Circling around we come back to the road that takes us back to the entry.

As we leave the ranch, another X fence is graced by 
the American Flag and the Texas Flag.
Waving goodbye to us as we go on our way.

Thank you for taking the drive around this ranch with me.

See you next time with more good fences.

Enjoy the last couple days of July.

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