Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Walk in the Garden

Happy Summer blog friends.

Today begins a new season and the longest sunshine day this year. I always like to walk the garden and visit my flowers as I water and relax viewing the pretty blooms.

Although our springtime did not end on a happy note, we are doing much better now, but of course, still miss our sweet Miss Beazy Lee. With the new season I look forward to better days ahead and back to my routine even though I feel it has taken me some time.

I am back in the studio and beginning to create again and find my joy doing what I was meant to do.

All the emails are answered now and my thanks for all the prayers sent my way. I think I even sent a few thank you emails twice. LOL I wanted to make sure all were thanked and I may have sent some of you two emails. I promise I have not lost my mind yet!! LOL

Flowers around the pool in my container garden are doing pretty well, but we have not hit those triple digits yet, however, they say it's on the way this weekend.

This will mean water, water, water to keep the flowers with us.

Rosemary and the Potato Vine growing nicely. I love walking by the Rosemary and the beautiful scent it gives.

We have even been enjoying yummy tomatoes from our one little vine this year along with 4 green pepper plants that are really doing well, much to our surprise.

Miss B's pink roses.

Ivy and roses do well in this spot and seem to take the heat with a few annuals mixed in.

For this first day of summer, I picked a pretty bouquet of roses, daisies and cone flowers.

In this pretty glass pitcher vase, they bring a sweet touch indoors.

Thank you for taking a walk in the garden with me today celebrating the new season and new beginnings. I will be back soon to share what I have been creating, my new studio and lots more.

Hugs and Blessings always,
Celestina Marie

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