Friday, July 17, 2015

Visiting the Angel Fairies in My Garden

Welcome to The Angel Fairy Garden.

My Garden Friends are willing to come out to share where they live among the Hostas.

They are a bit shy so let's visit while we can and the day is early.
Sweet flower girl looks at a sweet butterfly that landed on her wrist while Mr. Snail watches near by.

These three sisters came out to say hello from their tree stump cottage.

Another little miss dreams of summer days.

Isn't this friend so pretty standing in the geraniums?
I think she lives under the leaves, but rises up each each day to say hello.

The tallest of my friends, Miss Rose watches over the garden village and all who live here.

Here is a charming Clematis cottage where a sweet garden family live.

Shall we knock on the door?
They put out a welcome matte.

Oh look, this pretty little miss is relaxing in the sunshine.

She lives in this cottage guarded by the sweet snail who stands on the roof.
I love the lantern she hangs by the door.

The birds gather each day  to go for a swim and sing a sweet song.

Looks like this dear friend is taking an afternoon nap.

While another dear friend checks on the birds that arrive each day.

This little one just likes to hang around most days enjoying the company 
before it's time to say good day to another blessed visit to the garden.

She will ring the garden bell and all will be gone till a new day.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my garden friends.

They were very happy to meet you.

Be Blessed

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