Friday, September 7, 2012

Ready for an Autumn Touch!

Hopefully it may be the last day for our triple digits according to the weather reports. We are working towards 105 degrees today and a FALL to 86 degrees for Saturday. WOW is it really going to be 86 degrees? We sure hope so and to celebrate the new season upon us, I have started to bring in the Autumn touches. A bit here and there getting ready for one of my favorite times of year.

Settling in to cozy evenings with good books and pretty accents to gaze upon is pure Autumn joy.
As a Decorative Designer, I just can't resist changing my home around. I will never be bored that's for sure.

Anyway, come on in and let me share a few Autumn touches with you.

Welcome~~ Here I have used a large horn of plenty to greet you at the door with a few pumpkins and boxwood bush with added leaf lights.

Oh, and the glittery spider on top the white pumpkin, is a friendly little guy.

Yes, Fall is one of my favorite times of year. A time to once again Count Blessings~

Bringing in natural touches~

Something for the birds~~ I found this darling small birdbath treasure hunting a few weeks ago.

Autumn Angels hanging about~

Sweet Little Friend adding his pumpkin too.

Little Scarecrow couple waving a welcome to Autumn~

Offering peace and plenty~ This darling cross stitch was created and a gift from my dear friend Stephanie of Angelic Accents.

Guest room touches ready to greet a visitors stay~

Gathering my design books for inspirational reading~

Adding Autumn touches to everyday decor~

Recently on another treasure hunt, I found this wonderful vintage style large metal teapot perfect on my kitchen island.

Designing Fall Flower centerpieces was fun by creating a gourd and pumpkin vase. First, I cut off the tops, filled with styrofoam and spanish moss with a few rocks to keep them from falling over, then filled with leaves, mums and other natural elements.

Below I filled this gorgeous large white Chamber pot from England filled with Fall Flowers and White Roses. This pot was a special find and a true treasure at only 5 dollars. Score!!! I love changing it around for the season. The makers mark on the bottom says, Hotel Ware, England est.1790

Thank you for stopping by to help me get ready for Autumn as I just love a good fall!!

See you soon~
With Love, Celestina Marie

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