Monday, June 1, 2015

Painting Red Geraniums

Painting all types of flowers is a real passion for me.
This week I was inspired by my garden geraniums to paint a canvas of blooms.

Mine are mostly pink, but I have a few red and I just need my painting to be done in red.
You know artists are like that,
we can make changes by the stroke of a brush!

So out with my 12x12 inch canvas, I base coated the background a light ivory.
That will change with highlights and shading as the painting goes along.

In the end, I have red geraniums ready to frame.
Layering color~

Adding shading~

Ageing with a dry brush~

Highlighting the petals and giving a brushing of blue for the background~

Going outdoors~

Bringing the outdoors inside~

Ready to frame or make prints for my shop.

Do you plant geraniums? 
Here in Texas they do very well and tolerate the heat.
The heat we need right now to dry up the ground from all the record rain over the last month.
Flooded homes, roads, parks, lakes and so on have caused major destruction for many here in Texas.
Prayers go out to my neighbors that have suffered loss of homes and loved ones.
The good news is, we are predicted a dryer June.

See you soon~
Be Blessed
Celestina Marie


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