Thursday, May 3, 2012

Glove Box Treasure~

Happy Month of May Blog Friends

This month is beginning beautifully and I hope for you as well. The flowers are all in bloom here in my little Texas town and the weather warmer each day. Soon I hope to be finished with another stage of my cottage redesigns, and I have to say, having so much fun. Going through everything clearing and cleaning out with things I no longer use in my studio and the rest of my home. It always feels wonderful to de-clutter and organized. Oh how I love organization.

Anyway, some time ago, while going through my store room of treasures for creating, I gave this vintage glove box keeper a redesign.

Starting out with the original light green satin fabric, I could see this treasure in a soft cottage creamy white with crocheted roses I made using bits and pieces of old crocheted lace.
I did not have white fabric on hand that I liked for this project, so what did I do? Well, paint it of course!!

With several coats of my signature white inside and out, the transformation began.
I want to say, if you are ever painting on fabric to be worn, like a shirt for example, it is advisable to mix textile medium with your paint first using equal parts, medium and paint before painting on the fabric. This gives a soft movable feel to the finish. If not, the painted area would be like cardboard and not comfortable. Years ago, in the early 80's when I started in business, I painted lots of clothing for customers on sweatshirts, denim shirts and the like and this step was important. It also makes the item washable which you would want.

I usually speed up the drying time with a hair dryer. Can't wait to get to the real fun.

Now moving on, here is the progression of the vintage glove box. This is where the fun begins when embellishments are added. For the leaves I hand painted silk leaves in the same cottage cream. All the crocheted accents are vintage along with the lace ribbon. The vintage lace edging was used to form crocheted roses.

What do you think? Pretty? Remember you can do a lot with paint over fabric. With several coats of paint, drying time and patience, you can decorate a vintage glove box.

Have Fun~~
See you soon.
Hugs, Celestina Marie
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