Sunday, December 16, 2007


This year our family tree is a faux Douglas Fir, 7 1/2' tall with my Norwegian Star making it nearly 8 feet high. I'll explain more about the star later. We have this tree displayed in our dining room window facing the front of the house. First, starting at the bottom I have a tree skirt in shades of copper with lots of bling sewn on between satin and roping to form a design. All the colors on the tree of reds, whites, sage, pinks, copper, silver and gold, seem to go so well with this skirt. Our ornaments are an assortment of vintage antiques passed down from my parents, collectibles from our travels, some handmade ornies, lots of ornament gifts, my 2 from the White House invitations, and finished with bead garland, handmade snowflakes and copper icicles made by my husband last year! Lastly, topped with my gorgeous Norwegian Star given to us from our dear friend Randi, of, in my mothers name. Click on her blog to the right below to see her wonderful hand knitted and felted designs on her blog and her etsy shop! She explained, that in Norway, people hang these stars in the windows with a light in them. We had to change the light due to the differences in electricity, so it then became a tree topper for us, and we love it. Thanks once again Randi for this star, it is a Christmas favorite!I also have some close up pictures of some of my very favorite ornaments collected through the years. As a family, we just love hanging each and everyone each year. It brings back wonderful memories of times we found or received them.
I really was not able to get good pictures of our tree with the light on or off and the ornaments, so this is the best I could do for now, along with the close ups of some of my favorites!
These last two ornaments are from 1998 and 2004 in Washington D.C. Those years I was invited to hand paint ornaments for the White House Blue Room Christmas Tree. I brought these back as a remembrance of my invitation to the White House!


The snowman tangled in his skis was made by Randi. Karen and Ele, do you see your tags on this sweet berry wreath? Also the pearl snowflakes are made by my mother on the vintage plate and also a few displayed by the frosted white trees! The white coat Santa is sitting on the bed staying cozy as he greets visitors! The children dragging home the tree is a painted plate from the year our son was born! The blue coat snowman is ringing in the season!
Later this week I will share pictures of my winter village buildings and the gorgeous manger scene made by my mother, 30 years ago. I invite you back to join me then. Merry Christmas!

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