Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayers For Our Neighboring States

What a week! Tornado's all around causing heartache and loss for so many dear people in Joplin, Missouri, Piedmont, Oklahoma and right here in North Texas. I can not even imagine how horrible it has to be for so many. Homes and business can be rebuilt, but the loss of loved ones and the missing, is devastating.

Tuesday night arrived with a furry as one storm after another seemed to keep our sirens in my town blasting, for what seemed like, FOREVER! In my area they report 9 tornadoes total for the evening. Our Oklahoma friends to the north were hit with much worse high winds as a tornado touched down taking life and limb on it's path. Lives changed forever.

My heart and prayers go out to those with the challenge of rebuilding their lives. Prayers for the family in Oklahoma whose little boy was ripped from his mother's arms. For the family in Missouri who's high school graduate son, was lifted from the car he was riding in with his Father, right through the sunroof. Just horrific stories and so many more we will never know about.

As we approach Memorial Day, Let's keep in our thoughts and prayers those that will not be enjoying a long three day weekend with backyard cookouts or relaxing in the back 40. We take so much for granted in our lives and how quickly life can be changed by mother natures strong temper. As the days move forward, God bless those recovering and bring peace, courage and strength for the challenge ahead.

Thank you so very much for the emails received to check on me here in the Lone Star State. Miss Beazy and I huddled in the closet with our pillows, cell phone, water and radio. This always happens when my guy is out of town, but we did fine. Missy B was challenged to stay calm and did pretty well, considering she has storm anxiety and terrified of thunder, lightening and hail. Today, we have clear skies and for this we are thankful

As a side note. Blogger has been really glitching for me and I have not been able to sign in my blog all week. It will only let me visit a few blogs to leave comments. Very frustrating indeed. I hope it is fixed soon and till then, just know, to those that have visited me, thank you so much. I will continue to try and visit you in return and hope that at some point I can leave comments again.

Blessings always,
Celestina Marie

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