Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Shopping with a Twist, Dressing your Table for Guests and Candle Light Fall Evenings!

Greetings blog friends and welcome to Make Mine Pink Friday Shopping. Today's theme is "Dressing Your Table For Guests"

By visiting the MMP site you will find dozens of wonderful shoppes with treasures for this themed shopping day.
I also have a few treasures in my etsy shoppe HERE. As usual my hand painted items are mostly designed for decorative display.

We also have a fun Ornament Swap at Make Mine Pink and you are all invited until we reach a participant count of 99. You will see why when you read the details HERE. I have the link on my sidebar for you to visit and read the info at a later time when you visit.

Fun weekend ahead for me. My B Guy and I are going to do some fun treasure shopping. I hope to find some wonderful treasures to bring your way. I did finally get a few skates to arrive in the studio. One is already spoken for and the two others will be painted soon. I also will be adding some small furniture pieces to my shoppe soon. I will share that news when ready.

To relax I have made a few Autumn pillows. When the paint day is done, I like to relax with something to do in my lap. These pillows are made from Dollar Store kitchen towels and adding vintage lace, vintage buttons and fringe on the bottom.

The next pillow also started out as just a plain Dollar Store pillow and I added my grandma's vintage handmade lace and vintage buttons added to the felt leaves.

This last pillow is a long style in a gorgeous light ivory/beige with edge fringe. To the ends, I added more vintage lace from Grandma's hands. This was all it needed, to go from very plain, to a touch of cottage elegant.

Before I go today~~ I will share a little faux candle light from around my cottage. You know I love candle light, but not always able to have real flame candles burning. So for safety reasons I use the faux candle impressions or flame less candles. All can be found on line.
Oh friends, they are awesome. For a few years now I have enjoyed them. The best styles are those with built in timers. These candles come on the same time each day and last, with the batteries, for nearly 4 months or more. I tell ya, it is so nice to walk through the home and these candles are glowing for a cozy look. Made from real wax, they look and feel like real candles, but without the mess and last forever. So let me take you around to view the cozy Fall look these candles bring.

Staring with the fireplace, I have faux block candles, tea lights and fall leaves also with candle light.

For a table centerpiece, this candle has carved leaves on a sage green background. It comes on the same time each evening and even has a fresh Fall scent. Here I added it to a large bowl full of Autumn elements.

Along side my front door in the sidelights. These also have built in timers which come on each evening at the same time, last for 5 hours and from the outside, look so cozy and inviting.

On the kitchen table, I have a vintage cake stand with a flame less candle in vanilla surrounded by a ring a Fall berries. Dining by candle light is so romantic!

In the guest room, I like to treat my guests to a little candle light too. Not only is it welcoming, but serves as a night light for them too.

I enjoy a little night light too, so in the master bedroom, I have iron and glass sconces with gorgeous carved ivory candles, also with the timers, hung on each side of the TV cabinet.

My favorite candle light is in the master bathroom, we recently remodeled. Iron sconces hung on each side of the garden pic, again, with, you got it, timed candles. The chandy is on a light dimmer too. Nothing better then a relaxing bubble bath with candles non burning!

Thank you for stopping by today.
I hope you have a wonderful Autumn day, candlelit evening and great weekend too.

See you again soon.
Blessings always.
Celestina Marie

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