Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Many years ago I started to collect my winter village buildings. Each year I was excited to include another addition and was given a cottage or two from my sweet hubby for a gift. As we collected the village, through the years I have displayed this set in many places around our home, but now it seems to look best displayed in a curio cabinet I have in our entry way. From the church to the court house, each piece is designed with snow and character only these special buildings can have. As I gaze at this small curio city, I try and imagine the people bustling around to and fro, shopping and playing in the winter snow. I have even found an art studio with an artist and his dog painting out front. When I daydream, I become a part of this winter scene, just for awhile. Living in the simply world surrounded by the quaintness and comfort of a small town. Join me now as we tour this sweet winter town and meet the people in a place that is forever winter and forever Christmas!
Thank you for coming to visit Christmas in my Winter Village! I hope for a little while you enjoyed your time in the snow with these sweet town characters. Best wishes for the happiest of holidays!

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