Thursday, January 24, 2008


Aren't swaps fun? I was so blessed and spoiled to receive a treasure from my PRH sister swap partner Bertie from Aunt May's Cottage! I was so excited to open my package to find it had the most gorgeous fabric heart box inside. WOW~~ is it stunning. The fabric is gorgeous and the embellishments on it simply beautiful. She even added a Victorian picture to the center lace heart that can be removed if I wanted to add another photo sometime.

But wait, open the box, and what is inside, but about 2 dozen of the most gorgeous ribbon roses also handmade by my dear friend. Each one gathered to perfection in a range of colors from pinks, to blues to gold and dark pink. Oh they are yummy and I have spots around my home already in mind as I enjoy them coming out of the heart.

But now there is more. Inside the package was yards and yards of tulle netting from an antique wedding dress with the puffed edge sleeves from a dress too. Well, you can imagine I thought I truly hit the jackpot or Bertie sent me the wrong box. LOL!! Little did I know that she uses the tulle as her packing material. Well packing or not, I love it and will put it all to good use. She finished the entire presentation with a handmade valentine that I truly love and treasure. I should be so blessed!!
But you can be too, by viewing all of Bertie's pretties at her blog and her website. She has lots of gorgeous treasures just waiting to grace your cottage home. Take a moment and go to my favorite blogger list and click on Aunt May's Cottage. I promise it will be worth the time to visit.

Thank you my sweet Bertie!

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