Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Place for Christmas Dreams

What exactly are Christmas Dreams?

Thoughts of sugarplums dancing in our heads?
dreams of health, happiness and a soft place to end the day?

Being thankful for the gifts we're given.

Enjoying home and family appreciating the comforts around us.

And you know,
 all that doesn't have to come with a high price tag.
Creativity can be the difference.

The last few years, I like to bring a little Christmas to the bedroom.
It's so nice at the end of the day,
to enjoy a room that reflects the love of God's Blessings.

But who wants to spend a fortune to have a pleasing style or look?

Using what I have on hand or created,
 I pull out my old quilt in shades of red to coordinate along with my black toile.

You know I love toile and I leave it as a backdrop year round
just pulling in a bit of pattern  and color to bring the room together 
for whatever the season.
I can go from a summer beachy style to Christmas,
 just by changing the color,
pattern and accents,
 all while keeping the toile.

For the holiday, I mixed pillows and pattern by using this old Waverly quilt.

It's just timeless.

Adding a vintage Christmas pin to a pillow gives it a little something.

These hand crocheted vintage pillow cases were designed by my grandmother many years ago. 
They are still like new and I love enjoying them for Christmas like she meant them to be.

The tree is a woodland style tree filled with little woodsy critters,
white, silver, gold and red.

I used over sized pillow shams for cushion covers in the sitting area.

This is a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and watch the birds right outside the windows
or settle in with a good book.

The little wood tray holding the teapot and cup is one I hand painted a few years ago.

 The tree has little red birds, squirrels and owls along with vintage ornaments and snowflakes.

The tree skirt is very old and was a gift I stitched for my mother
many years ago in my 20's.
It took me nearly a year to stitch all the scenes adding accents of glittery threads, sequins and beads.

I gave her this as a gift before Christmas one year and she used it for the rest of her life. 

Made from muslin,
it is double lined, embroidery stitched
 along with candlewicking knots and edged in red lace and lots of love.

The black toile stocking  was created by my friend Kathy from
Creative Home Expressions and her etsy shop. 
I  pinned on a red ribbon for the holiday.

This is one of my snowmen hand painted a few years ago with a black coat.

So there you have it,
a place for Christmas Dreams.
The only purchase was the stocking from Kathy.

I think I can keep the quilt through the winter months.

What do you think?
Could you have sweet dreams in a Christmas bedroom?

Whatever one prefers,
one thing is true.
It doesn't take much to make an impact for change.
Being a Decorative Stager, it is my challenge to see what I can do
without spending a bunch of dollars!!

Mr. L.J. likes that about me too!! ;)

Merry Christmas!

See you next time with more home decor!

Blessings and Sweet Dreams
Celestina Marie

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