Monday, November 16, 2015

ReCreating with Lamp Parts

Hi Friends~
Before I share this post today,
I just want to say,
our hearts go out to Paris
and our prayers are lifted
for the friends and families who
lost loved ones
in such a violent act.
May God Bless them with comfort!


One of my favorite lamps had
seen better days
 and no longer worked.
 I didn't want to just throw it out
or try and repair it.
So I decided to take it all apart
and recreate a piece in it's memory.
With the help of my better half,
who can transform most anything for me,
we dismantled the lamp
and used the base and middle section 
to create a pedestal.
The Base

The Center

Turning the center upside down,
we bolted and glued the two sections together.

The center piece is where it's bolted and shaped like a bowl,
but I had a round metal tray that fit the space perfectly.

Adding the tray to the top, it now has a surface for display
or a bowl shape to fill with small ornaments.
I didn't glue the tray in place
 so it can be removed when needed.

Next, I painted everything in Old White Chalk Paint.

Added lots of distress all around
for cottage charm.

I love how it turned out
and have many uses for this old lamp.

Like a pedestal for this tall skinny glitter tree.

Or my favorite, using this cloche that fit perfectly.

Love this musical candle for a centerpiece.

Sweet spot for a tea pot.

Pretty English Plate for serving.

Or a perfect fit for a white pumpkin.

Love how it works with this candle too.

And another favorite
displaying my mother's
vintage Cardinal musical figurine.

That's it,
recreating with old lamp parts,
a few bolts to attach, glue
and a little paint.

Can't wait to decorate with it at Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by.

Celestina Marie


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