Monday, March 3, 2014

Sharing a New Newsletter Blog and Market Monday!

Hi Friends
 and welcome to a new week,
new month and new beginnings.
First I want to give a special thanks
to all the birthday greetings
sent my way last Friday.
 It was the perfect day warm and gorgeous
and filled with blessings.
Then, winter roared up once again Sunday
as we were hit with freezing thunder sleet.
Yes, you read that right.
Thunder sleet.
I have never heard that term since we have lived in Texas 25 years.
Freezing temps with a layer of ice covering everything.
Our blooms are confused but cozy warm under the blankets
we placed to help them through this hopefully last blast of mother nature!
Looks like snow but it is really a sheet of ice.
My neighbor across the way had spring blooms just up,
now covered in ice.
Today I stop in not only to welcome the new month but to share my new monthly newsletter,
Sort of giving it a little boost from the shelves of my etsy shoppe.
This is the second letter for the year
and I thank all who signed up to receive it last month
right to their inbox.
Today is also Market Monday
A week long list of selling sites
who offer cottage style d├ęcor and more.
I know many of you are under a new blanket of snow
and experiencing freezing temps too.
Take good care in this new round of weather.
I hope all are safe and warm.
Spring really is on the way soon.
Till then
Blessings and Blue Skies be yours.
Happy March!
Celestina Marie

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