Monday, March 4, 2013

What's the Menu?

Recently I have been repainting a few rooms with my Best Guy's help.
Well, if truth be told,
 he is painting for me and I do the cutting in of the paint all around the room.
It works, and we are a team when it comes to redesigning and upgrading our cottage.
We painted every room in the house over the last year and finished with the kitchen last week.
The fun begins when  the decorating starts.
One area I love to showcase is above the cabinets.
I had a very large metal tray found at a local antique  mall just waiting for a little redo.
This tray measure about 20" round.
Perfect for the area above the cabinets to fill in and
decorate around.
But look at it~~
Not what I want to view each day.
So a coat of paint is in order.
I gave it a coat of the glass and tile medium which I have shared here many times.
This step gives the surface some tooth for the paint to adhere.
The black paint is for the design.
After the background painting,
I decided on a wonderful graphic
I made a copy,
placed in on the tray,
Using graphite paper and a stylus,
 I traced the design all around.
Then painted the design by hand.
Sometimes I love to do this over the easier versions.
It gives a hand painted look and is really a lot of fun.
If you remember the graphic above, it had the shading lines included.
At this point,
 I could have painted those lines too, but I floated the shading instead.
This is a term and technique used to bring a shadow to the design.
Now the edge needs a little something too.
So I hand painted black and white checks all around with light sienna shading.

Here is the tray now on the top of the cabinets with a black and white rooster.
Another project crossed off the list.
 for always sharing the best designs to create with.
Have a great day.
Happy Creating!
and don't forget the Dress Form Ball coming next Monday the 11th of March over at Carol's
 See you soon!
Celestina Marie

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