Monday, November 5, 2012

Creating Puffed Star Ornaments, Tutorial

I've been having some fun creating puffed fabric star ornaments and thought I would share the process with you today.
These ornaments are easy to create and customize for someone special using words or messages you create on your computer or write out on small fun shape card stock. To start we will gather our supplies consisting of a non ravel fabric like felt or fleece, some blanket type material works well too. Scissors, pinking shears if you desire that edge style, thicker threads like vintage candlewick thread which I used or embroidery thread, jute string, burlap or other wire ribbon, embellishments like vintage jewels, buttons etc. Sharpie pen, hot glue gun and cotton batting and fancy cut scissors to cut out words or phrases from card stock, also optional.
Next we will need a star pattern. I used a star I already had on hand and made a cardboard template to trace around on the fabric before cutting. My star measures about 5" across point to point.
Trace around the star with a light touch pencil using fabric doubled to cut both sides at the same time. Cutting with straight edge scissors or pinking shears at this step is whatever you choose.
After cutting out the star, pin pieces together to keep the fabrics from moving while stitching. Using a running stitch sew all along the edge about 1/4" in leaving the last point open for stuffing with cotton batting. You can certainly do this on a sewing machine, but I find it easier at the closing to do by hand and it's a fun project to set and do while watching TV or listening to music.
Next, stuff the star and stitch the opening closed from where you left off.
Now we are ready to gather our ribbon trims adding a thread at top or jute for a display hanger. You can see I also added to this sample some burlap ribbon to the center and stitched in place.
At this point you can embellish the center with all sorts of treasures, vintage and new. Adding an inspiring word or phrase gives the ornament a little special extra and can be personalized for a gift or theme. Here are a few I've completed.
You can see I used detailed scissors around the word and then did some shading with paint and added line details with a sharpie pen. All optional additions. Glue in place the words and either hand sew your little embellishment or glue if you can to keep in place. Some items that dangle look better then stiff in place pieces. Here are a few ideas I have created and most are spoken for already, but I will have more on the way to my shoppe shortly.
Aren't they fun and look so pretty on the Christmas tree or tied on a package and can be enjoyed year round. Think of other possibilities like heart shapes, wreaths, bunnies, shamrocks and so on. I am sure you can come up with many ideas. Before I clean up my messy work table~~
I have a quick tip for old pins and jewel pieces you might find to create with etc. Some pieces are missing gems, beads and other embellishments. If you want to fill in the empty spot, just add a little glitter glue in varied colors. Let dry, add more if necessary and the little find can be used looking complete. Not perfect, just nothing missing.

After~adding glitter glue!!
Thank you for stopping by today, hope you try the star ornament. Have fun!

Blessings, Celestina Marie

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