Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Weekend

Hi Friends!
Do you feel like January is the "in between" month?

The time between holidays and the countdown to spring?

Perhaps you are already counting the days till spring.
It's been a mild winter for us here in Texas.
January is half over already!!

For most, we are already tired of the cold~
 even though it has barely shown it's fury.

As I look out the kitchen window,
 it looks sunny,
but the air is expected to turn very cold this weekend.

I know many of you are having much colder temps
which makes our weather seem
like a heat wave.

I like to enjoy the cozy time "in between" at home.

The last of the glitter is vacuumed away
and Christmas decor hibernating for another year.
The new year rang in 
and already the first weeks have come and gone.

I'm back to my creative routine 
and  a change up throughout my home along
with lots of reorganizing and clean out in my studio.

Trying to re-spark my creative muse can be a challenge this time of year.
The ideas take time to arrive and flow.

In between, it's winter at home!

White views brighten the dark corners.

Vintage treasures inspire many ideas.

Lacey white bring sweet dreams.

and I'll try and catch them as they shadow into my day.

The masters of music

bring a new rhythm

and the little bird sings a new song.

Thankful for the warmth and glow of home!

 Yes,  it's snow and ice and everything nice.

It's the "in between"

Winter at Home

Have a warm weekend.
Celestina Marie

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