Monday, August 22, 2011

Fruit Inspiration for Tea Time Tuesday~

Welcome to another Tea Time. So glad you stopped by today. As you may know ~ from past visits, I have been away for a little vacation time. I am back now and busy as can be. Lots going on in my studio getting ready for the,"here before you know it" holidays. So taking a tea break for me is always inviting, and today, I want to share a new beautiful trio my best guy found for me on vacation in a wonderful antique shop we visited.

I loved this trio right away as this gorgeous set is painted with a fruit design on both sides of the cup, the saucer and the plate included with gold trim.. This set goes beautifully in my old world kitchen.

Both sides of the delicate cup is painted in different patterns.

The pretty saucer~

The gorgeous plate~

Makers Mark~

Serving us, I have added one of my favorite tea pots in blue and my handmade and painted sugar and creamer made by my mother nearly 35 years ago. I cherish these pieces because she made it and I love mixing pottery like this with more elegant pieces such as the trio. The tea pot reverses to a leaf pattern on one side and perfect going into the Fall days ahead~~ well we hope ahead. Still very HOT here!!

For our dessert, I thought yogurt and fruit were in order to balance out all the vacation feasting. So I have filled a lovely floral bowl that works so nicely with the trio in color and size. Vanilla yogurt, blueberries and strawberries, topped with finely chopped walnuts. Our tea is a tasty raspberry tea ~ Oh so yummy!

Well that was good and all gone too!!!

Please join our lovely hostess Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage for the list of more participants and tea time hostess's. I will be doing a lot of catching up since away and I know it will be an inspiration to view the many tea related treasures. In the meantime, I am preparing to share pics from my time away and a few more gorgeous tea cups and saucers found along the way. And, as always you can find me, "swingin paint brushes" in my studio and creating new treasures with goodies I found on vacation.

Thank you for stopping by. Your visit and comments are always welcome and a blessing more then you know!
Till next time~


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