Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Flower Show!

Here we are~~back to Monday, which I have always loved. When Monday rolls around I find the day all anew, refreshing and the start of a terrific new week if we choose to approach Mondays with a great outlook.

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Here in Texas we were met with a warm 92 degree day and mild winds. The flowers did not disappoint and came out for a gorgeous show of color and greetings.
As I walked around my garden, I could not help but take a few pics of the gorgeous flowers. Thankful for my many blessings and grateful for another Mother's Day. I truly miss my Mother, but I know she is always close by and never more nearer ~ then in my garden.
I hope you enjoy a few blooms I have to share this Spring, starting with the gorgeous 20 Red Tulips from my son. The scent is heavenly. Also, Mr. Lincoln's Rose bloomed with a gorgeous spray for a perfect bouquet.

Aren't they pretty? Thank you for taking a little walk around the garden with me this new Monday. I hope you are off to a great week. For me, it is a busy day filled with happy paint brushes and lots of plans for new creations.
See you again soon.
Have a beautiful Monday!

Smiles, Celestina Marie

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