Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Bling and other Things~

It's true, I love a little bling, well maybe a lot of bling. And, how fun to add vintage bling to my Fall decor.

When my mother passed away, I inherited her gorgeous pieces of jewelry, old and new. I could not part with anything so I use it throughout my home year round as well as wear it on occasion. Mom would have loved to see her pretty pins gracing my favorite pillows, candles and decorations. Her clip on earrings used in fun unique ways and her pearls and necklaces accenting vignettes.

My dining room table below shares a centerpiece designed using natural elements and candles wrapped in burlap, vintage ribbon with vintage pin and earring set. I can change these up for the season and the candles are faux with a warm glow. No melted wax to ruin the bling.

To my ceramic white pair of pumpkins I have added another vintage earring set. I love how they look snapped on the leaves.
The next vintage pin just glows pinned on the vintage crocheted lace wrapped around my candle under the cloche.
I can't leave out the pillows and this next one is so cozy with a touch of bling added to my grandmothers vintage crocheted lace.
Pink Crystals worn by my mother on my wedding day display below on a mirror tray.
Dress form wearing lots of vintage pearls.


Below the last treasure my mother created and the pearls she wore all her days.

Added to a guestroom robe below, I display a gorgeous pink rose pin.

And below, a pretty french frame with another double strand of vintage pearls.

I love cameos and have many pretty ones to wear and display. This one is pinned to my dress form below.
Lastly below, this gorgeous B pin from the 50's was Miss Beazy's.
So much fun to decorate with bling and especially vintage treasures of those we love. Do you display your bling too? 

Hope you have a wonderful Autumn and Happy Decorating.

Hugs, Celestina Marie


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Cardinal Sign~

Dear Friends,
I received some tragic news this morning from my cousin in California. She said her grandson 25 and his lovely wife were killed  yesterday in a motorcycle truck crash on the highway. The shock and sad news is overwhelming for my cousin and the family. This was a young married couple of 5 years with so much to live for and so much hope for the future. They died instantly together as they would have wanted it to be, said my cousin.

As I was emailing her a few minutes ago, this gorgeous Cardinal landed on the bush right outside my studio window.  All my life I have associated Cardinals with my precious grandmother, Celestina  Marie. These beautiful birds have always shown up in times of crisis and needful moments in our life, and today was no different. It is as if, she is showing us through God's nature that all is okay and this darling couple are safe in our makers arms. 

I took the pic in a rush as he held his position still, as if he knew, I was taking his picture.  Here is the precious moment with the Cardinal by my window. I sent it on to my cousin as my grandmother was her Aunt and I know this would bring her comfort for the loss of her dear grandson and his wife.

Life is fragile and each moment unknown, but the comfort and faith from our precious Father gives us the strength to walk through the times of sadness and heartbreak.

Please remember my extended family in prayer over the days ahead.
With Love, Celestina Marie

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Monday, September 24, 2012

New Look for an Old Friend

Happy Monday Blog Friends, After a wonderful weekend, it is time to start a new week and join the fun all week long at, From the Cottage Craft Room brought to you by Etsy Cottage Style. While on a weekend treasure stop, I found a gorgeous queen size hand crocheted bedcover. Oh it is beautiful and in perfect condition. In fact, it was just what I was looking for to use as a chair cover. Just look at this pretty rose design.
In my studio you might recall when I shared a comfy cozy chair. It is a tan color and I have had it for a bedroom chair for years. When I added it to the studio it needed a little shabby twist so I added some crochet pieces that I had while thinking I would hunt for just the right larger crocheted treasure to cover it better. Well that day arrived and just look how the redesign turned out. Here is the Before Chair. I might say it is very comfortable and does also recline, but not a large style recliner. More of a ladies chair size and fits perfect in my studio for reading or taking a break. Well, breaks are far and few between, but whenever, I have the spot ready! LOL
Here is the After Chair covered with the beautiful crocheted treasure. I wrapped and fit using the design as a guide. No cutting or sewing, just two large safety pins hidden on the sides. It can easily be removed for washing or using in another way, which happens a lot with me~~~
What do you think? Pretty and french chic yes? Shabby and cozy? Here is pic with a couple added pillows and the spot it lives in my studio.
Thank you for stopping by and your comments. Visit Etsy Cottage Style Blog to see what others have been up to in their cottage studios. See you next time. Happy Creating, Celestina Marie

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Autumn

Welcome Fall and a Happy Weekend. I love this time of year and the start of cooler temps and sweater weather. It brings me to revisit a long ago post from 2007 sharing a yummy muffin recipe from one of my many cook books inherited from my mother. I am sharing it again because the muffins are that good and I hope you will be inspired to try them. Enjoy~ One of the things I collect are cook books and this 1948 Watkins book was my mothers when she got married. She was a very accomplished cook and baker, so this book has been lovingly enjoyed over and over. The other day, I was looking for a muffin recipe and found this one for muffins that I changed a bit by adding little bits of apple. They turned out so yummy and I thought you might like to share in the recipe by seeing the ingredients from the original book and the variations you can make. Perfect for a cool fall day.

Thank you for stopping by and also for the comments you are so kind to leave. I enjoy all your visits and will see you soon. Happy Autumn! Hugs, Celestina Marie

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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Autumn Leaves~~~

Welcome Blog Friends and Happy Monday~~
Today I am joining Karen from The Graphics Fairy to share projects designed from the many graphics she posts each week.

My treasure today is created using a wonderful pumpkin ad graphic added to an old catering tray with the addition of my hand painted Autumn leaves trailing top and bottom. This was a fun project using Fall colors.

Golden red berries scattered among the leaves for a pretty mix of color.

This special tray will be ready for the shelves of my etsy shoppe today.

Thank you Karen for sharing all the great graphics for us to enjoy and use for creating.
Stop By The Graphics Fairy there may be a special vintage graphic just right for you too.

Have a wonderful September Day.
Happy Creating, Celestina Marie

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Monday, September 10, 2012

French Inspired Keepsake Boxes

The inspiration continues as I created some special keepsake boxes using more wonderful graphics from The Graphics Fairy.

This first one is a vintage wood box. Hand painted cottage cream with added vintage post card to the lid and sealed with Triple Thick to make it look like it is right in the wood.
You hear me talk about Triple Thick in many of my projects. You can find this glaze at most art and craft shops. Takes some practise to use, but the results are wonderful. One coat is usually all that is needed.

This next one is larger and hand painted light pale pink with two french graphics on the lid and trailing roses throughout.

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for these amazing designs. These two boxes will be available in my etsy shoppe Wednesday night the 12th. Just in time for Thursday Marketplace from Shabby Cottage Shops and my etsy boutique.

See you soon.
Happy Creating, Celestina Marie

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Ready for an Autumn Touch!

Hopefully it may be the last day for our triple digits according to the weather reports. We are working towards 105 degrees today and a FALL to 86 degrees for Saturday. WOW is it really going to be 86 degrees? We sure hope so and to celebrate the new season upon us, I have started to bring in the Autumn touches. A bit here and there getting ready for one of my favorite times of year.

Settling in to cozy evenings with good books and pretty accents to gaze upon is pure Autumn joy.
As a Decorative Designer, I just can't resist changing my home around. I will never be bored that's for sure.

Anyway, come on in and let me share a few Autumn touches with you.

Welcome~~ Here I have used a large horn of plenty to greet you at the door with a few pumpkins and boxwood bush with added leaf lights.

Oh, and the glittery spider on top the white pumpkin, is a friendly little guy.

Yes, Fall is one of my favorite times of year. A time to once again Count Blessings~

Bringing in natural touches~

Something for the birds~~ I found this darling small birdbath treasure hunting a few weeks ago.

Autumn Angels hanging about~

Sweet Little Friend adding his pumpkin too.

Little Scarecrow couple waving a welcome to Autumn~

Offering peace and plenty~ This darling cross stitch was created and a gift from my dear friend Stephanie of Angelic Accents.

Guest room touches ready to greet a visitors stay~

Gathering my design books for inspirational reading~

Adding Autumn touches to everyday decor~

Recently on another treasure hunt, I found this wonderful vintage style large metal teapot perfect on my kitchen island.

Designing Fall Flower centerpieces was fun by creating a gourd and pumpkin vase. First, I cut off the tops, filled with styrofoam and spanish moss with a few rocks to keep them from falling over, then filled with leaves, mums and other natural elements.

Below I filled this gorgeous large white Chamber pot from England filled with Fall Flowers and White Roses. This pot was a special find and a true treasure at only 5 dollars. Score!!! I love changing it around for the season. The makers mark on the bottom says, Hotel Ware, England est.1790

Thank you for stopping by to help me get ready for Autumn as I just love a good fall!!

See you soon~
With Love, Celestina Marie

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