Thursday, February 11, 2010

~~Waking to Winter White~~

The beauty of white falling snow this morning was a gorgeous sight. With temps hanging near freezing and predicted to fall, the scene from any window is so pretty.

Even Miss Beazy was intrigued, as she has never really seen much snow in her 5 years of life! Yes, we don't receive the white stuff very often, so basically our area shuts down. Schools closed, work delayed and traffic moving at a snails pace. I must admit, I love it. The calm cozy secure feeling of being indoors, putting up a yummy pot of soup and settling in the studio to paint away is my idea of perfect. Looking up from my paint table, looking out the window, is an inspiring sight. It won't be here long, gone like it came, so why not enjoy it till the next cold blast delivers the pretty white snowflakes again in the future. So I captured a few pics to share with you today. I know that many parts of our country are buried in snow and this is nothing in comparison. So we share a bit with those that are really struggling with deep snow, power outages and freezing temps. We pray all our safe and warm.

The bathroom remodel continues and a lot being accomplished, but today things will be on hold due to the weather and not being able to cut tile outdoors. I will have more pics to share the progress of this redesign next week. The steps so far are below in past posts. Till then, have a great snow day or sunny day, wherever you are.
Blessings, Celestina Marie

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