Friday, February 19, 2016

Room for Change, Decorating Cents

Do you remember these shows?
I enjoyed them both 
as they covered a large variety of styles 
and redesigns.
They've since long gone from TV
but they were inspiring while they aired.

I'm about to begin my own room for change
using my decorating cents!!!

If you visit me often
you know I'm always repainting something
when I can fit the process in 
after I tend to the store
 and fill the shelves with complimentary decor.

While I no longer sell my painted furniture pieces on line,
it gives me some new found time to 
paint my home ideas.
Finding the time can be a challenge!!
If something sits still too long,
it will get a makeover.
It's only paint right?
I've been swinging my paint brush
over the years to relove just about 
every piece of furniture in my Texas Cottage.

Years ago I shared these next two pieces
from the 1940's
This style is Art Deco
with a mix of wood design and modern drawer hardware.

In fact,
this bedroom set was my parents wedding set from 1945.
I did try and sell it at one time,
but pulled away from that idea 
just couldn't do it.

Look at the round mirror and rounded lines
of the style.

We've been enjoying this set
in a guest room for many years
and I left it alone.
Safe from my paint brush
thinking it must be left original.
It has begun to dry a bit from age~ 
so now it's time for a redesign
I know my mother would say.
Go For It!!

So after much thought
and keeping things neutral.

I will take inspiration from the
quilt I'm using for spring,
the chair I custom designed several years ago
replanted here in this quest room 
from the living room,
and more inspiration from
 the pillows I created and styled on the bed.

I'm really finding, keeping neutral backgrounds
throughout my home,
give room to change things up with accents.

Vintage bits and pieces will be a focus here
while I plan to leave the bed's
headboard and foot board
original for an anchor in the room.

Some time it's better~ not to paint everything.

Now the fun begins
I can't wait to share the completion soon.

Do you have a Room For Change
using Decorating Cents?

See you soon.

Celestina Marie

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