Monday, February 2, 2015

Shimmering Snow

Happy February!

Shimmering Snow
is the lacy crocheted throw I've been working on recently and
I am happy to say it's done and on the shelf
Well it was on the shelf~~ It is now off to a new home in the Midwest.
I hope they enjoy this and right in time for the heavy snow blanketing the Midwest to the east coast.
Stay safe everyone!!

To the edge, I added a ruffled shell stitch.
This design has become my signature creation
and I have lost count at just how many I've worked on
over the years.

The design is considered a vintage stitch and was first popular in the late 60's to mid 70's.

This throw has a front and back design and done with a large knitting needle and medium size crochet hook.

Measures 40" by 60"

Crocheted with 100 percent acrylic yarn made in Turkey.
It's soft and cozy and shimmers like fresh fallen snow with the thin silver thread
running through the yarn.

This was a fun piece to work.
Next I plan to begin a soft light mint green baby or small springtime lap throw.

I love to stitch in the evenings.
It gives me time to unwind from a day of painting and I find it so relaxing.

Having an on going lap project is something I've done since I was a little girl.
Watching my mom and grandmother inspired me to learn.

While I will never be able to crochet or knit like my grandmother or mom,
It sure is fun to keep trying.

Do you have a winter lap project you are working on?

If so~
Hands to work
Hearts to God!

Southern DayDreams be yours.

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