Monday, March 18, 2013

Vintage Book Shelf Update

Many years ago,
 I found this wonderful old furniture piece in a candle shop going out of business.
I purchased it for a song and used it in my booth space as a display prop.
It worked hard over the years and after I closed my shop to go on line only,
this treasure found a spot in my sewing/laundry room.
It fit perfectly right under cabinets above the washer and dryer and next to my sewing table.
Here it is in a before redesign with rooster graphics.
The inside papers are from a newspaper dated 1904.
I love it because the ads are not only wonderful,
it also is the year my grandmother was born.
For the redo I painted it white and went right over the graphics
knowing they would become something new anyway.
With the original worm holes and distress,
here is the white version and the 1904 newsprint left in place.
I took this pic before I realized I needed to paint the top inside shelf.
Okay, later for that~
In the meantime, next, I found a graphic from The Graphics Fairy
One that would go with the sewing room and laundry.
I love this one and placed it on both doors.
The door knobs will be changed out next.
I found these checked beauties at Hobby Lobby.
You know they usually have their hardware knobs on sale each week
for half off.
I also added a little stencil to each side for balance.
Love the inside papers. Just look at this wonderful collage of ads.

Complete and ready to keep me organized again.
What do you think?
Will I paint the cabinets overhead, above the washer and dryer?
Stayed tuned for the rest of the redo.
Enjoying our family house guests,
wish you were here.
See you soon.
Celestina Marie

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