Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yes, you guessed it~ more sleeting ice and bitter cold temps with a wind chill of -5 below. Way too cold for me. Texas is not supposed to have weather like this right? Well, we do at least once a year. However this is an unusual season with 2 weeks in a row posting school closings and dangerous travel due to ice and freezing temps.
I could not resist this pic of Miss B's footprints in the sleet. She walked like she was on tip toe to potty. It was so cute and you can see from her print, not your usual dogie paw print. It looks like a little flower in the snow.

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a bright blue sky and somewhat warmer temps. Perfect weather for us to finally get out to the granite slab yard to review our kitchen counter top selection. If you've been following my remodel this season, you know we are updating our kitchen.

So off we went on the hour long trip to view natures natural material from Brazil delivered to the east side of Dallas. Our selection is Gagallo Venenziano. An Italian style look composed of natural stone materials of quartz, feldspar, mica and other colored materials found in nature and mined with this material called granite. The color is lighter in style which will serve our somewhat dark kitchen well. I just love this process and the look and feel of natural stone. Since I studied geology in college, I have always loved these natural beauties and the gorgeous colors found in the earth.

Due to the imperfections of mother nature, it must be viewed for variations in color and pattern. Any areas with flaws can be cut around when planning the counter templates. We were able to work with a wonderful fabricator who shared with us the layout and how he would work with any flawed areas to get the best fit using our chosen slabs.
We had to pick 2 slabs to cut from since we have a bit of counters to replace. So with much patients and time, we finally were able to match two nice slabs perfect for our needs. And the weather cooperated with blue skies and lots of sun.

To begin the process, templates are made ahead of time using thin wood planks, cut to model the counters. Here is a pic of the layouts and pile of patterns all ready for the fabricator.

When arriving to the granite yard, you see rows and rows of beautiful slabs of granite. These slabs range in size from 6' to 10' wide by 10' long.

Fabricators driving slab lifts, pull out the selections for viewing. Many customers were here this day to view their selections because of last weeks bad weather keeping the yard closed for viewing.

Our selection of Venenziano in 2 slabs. Love it!

The install will happen the 15th and I am now in the process of clearing the rest of the room to prepare.
While waiting, my best guy and I have used the time to do our part of the remodel. Here is a little peek of the hood fan over the cook top.

In case you are wondering,?? No, all the cabinets are not black. This is just an accent touch along with the island which I made to look like a furniture piece. Those pics will be ready later as the granite is finished and the back splash is also installed. For that I have chosen a light creamy ivory tile to pick up a bit of the color in the granite and furniture pieces.
So you can see, we are still having some fun and little by little everything is coming along as planned.

Thank you for stopping by to share in my kitchen update. Time to go back to the studio where I have lots of new treasures waiting to be completed and sent to my etsy shoppe. My studio girlyfriend, Miss B, would rather watch TV and the Animal Planet with daddy.

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Have a wonderful day and enjoy your winter day wherever you are.
Blue Skies and Smiles!
Celestina Marie

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