Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The dry spell has ended as we are currently having a down pour of rain and much flooding all over my area in Texas. This is the rains from the hurricane in the gulf.
As you might know, I am buried in my studio and nowhere to go, but create. Love it! Although, a close eye on the flooding is always close. We are watching intently, because the water is filling up fast.

I did get a few pics of the rains so far and we are due for this the rest of the week.

So you can see, we are really getting lots of rain. We did need the moisture, but not this much!

In the meantime, I will be creating away to bring many new items to my shoppes soon and finishing the last of special orders.
Before I get back to the brushes, I want to share with you a sweet pillow I just purchased from my blogging friends Diane Knott and Holly Knott's shop on etsy.
It is the perfect little touch for my red guest room in color and finish. Diane created this one and her work is gorgeous.
Here are a few pics and the room it graces!

Diane also gifted me with one of her darling pear creations in the black toile for my studio. Oh it looks so yummy adorable with a few recipe cards she also included.

Thank you Diane, I love it!
To visit the mother daughter team of Diane Knott and Holly Knott, at their etsy shoppe. Click Cottage By the Pond to visit and view there wonderful designs.
Also, my new friend Kat from Shiny Moon Beams is having an earring contest and you can enter and read all about it HERE for more info.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. You all are very special!

See you again soon bloggy friends with more from the studio, visitor giveaway and shoppe treasures.
Blessings and Blue Skies be Yours,
Celestina Marie

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