Saturday, January 26, 2013

Unwelcome House Guest

Hi Friends,
Well, I guess it's my turn for a visit from the Cold/Flu Bug.
 Woke up with it's arrival on Thursday and it's been a battle ever since.
You know the visitor~~
The one who arrives and brings,

~Extreme Sore Throat~
Not a fun visitor to have around the house.
Time to doctor up,

Put the kettle on for hot tea,
Make a pot of chicken soup,
And cozy up!
 This one is a dozy!
I have not had a cold visitor for maybe 10 years like this.
  I know many of you had this house guest too.
Not good, they say, this one likes to linger!!
See you when I can hold my head up again.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Stay well.
Celestina Marie
p.s. sorry for the blurry pics, not too steady!

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