Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wishing you a wonderful evening!
Happy Halloween Hugs,
Celestina Marie
(the music for this post is from Beetlejuice)

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Friday, October 29, 2010


Welcome friends to another themed shopping Friday, brought to you by Make Mine Pink. This is the time when each week the boutiques of MMP offer treasures for your shopping pleasure. Today's theme is "The Comforts of Home" You are welcome to visit my shop HERE for hand painted treasures and HERE for more shops from MMP.

While preparing for shopping with a twist, I thought of all the comforts in my own home and thought I would share with you a few pics of those treasures that bring The Comforts of Home to me and my family!

My wall of ivory crosses, with the word Faith, it is always illuminated and brings dear comfort when I see it everyday.

Favorite magazines with tea from a dear loved vintage tea set.

A cozy throw from years ago brings cozy comforts.

Comforts of home wrapped in an old quilt.

A home filled with music and enjoyed from my beloved piano.

The comfort and blessing of enough food.

The table set for a cozy dinner for two. This is the comfort of home.

Using a vintage bowl that belonged to my grandmother to hold lots of pink roses.

Or red roses filled in a gorgeous vase, brings dear comforts of home.

Having a cozy sofa and throw to curl up with a good book is pure comfort of home.

Shelves filled with books, fill a room with comfort.

And favorites always handy.

The comforts of an old vintage chair with cushions I made with grandma's handmade lace.

Seeing the world through lace filled windows is purely comfort.

The comfort of home knowing the one you love is always there.

Miss B always ready to greet with her pretty doggy smile. Ah this is the comfort of home.

The blessing of working from home. This is a true comfort.

All these comforts bring joy untold, and for this, I count my blessings.

As promised, I would like to introduce you to "Miss Corie" who I brought back home from Evelyn's Antiques in Schulenberg, Texas.

Miss Corie, being a corset stand, will certainly add to the comforts of home in my shabby rose guest room. I do not think she is truly an antique, but she looks the part with her distress and gorgeous ivory iron.

I am not sure I will outfit her since the iron is so nice to see. So for now, she wears some pearls and a hat. What do you think?

All these treasure around me, bring, "The Comfort of Home" and all that make our Home Sweet Home!

Have a wonderful Autumn Day.
Blessings to you and your comforts of home.
Celestina Marie

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Ambrosia Tea Room"

Not only a great spot for lunch in the old town of Salado, Texas, but a great study in black and white decor. As most of you know, my studio is designed in black and white toile with touches of pink on a beige background. So I was soaking up the decor like a sponge. I got so many new ideas that I wanted to share with you. The owners were so nice to let me take pictures, and take pictures I did, even in the powder room.

So to begin, the walls were a light sage with black furniture and vintage ivory pieces accented here and there. The tables were topped with black and white plaid runners on white tablecloths. So without more reading, let's just view the pics. Enlarge if you'd like to see the details. There really is some unique decorating ideas you might enjoy to see close up.
This is the main dining room.

While viewing the pics, notice the vintage clothing and dressing accessories used for art work. Wall shelves hold vintage shoes and purses hang like art work in varied vignettes on the sage green walls. Gorgeous.

Vintage hats on wire hat stands grace every table. Vintage white gloves hold eating utensils and napkins. Empty frames surround hats placed on the wall and plate racks hold favorite books instead of plates.

Having been a family home at one time, each of the rooms are designated a different name and outside the room hangs an iron hook with the room name on a plaque.
Down this hall, you view a large wall photo of Audrey Hepburn which leads to the powder room, where more great decorating ideas inspire. Here are a few pics. Notice the vintage corset hung on the wall with silk flowers inside like a wall vase.

I hope you enjoyed this elegant tea room in the gorgeous black and white. It really was inspirational and full of decorating ideas using vintage treasures in unique ways.

When I return, I will share my found vintage treasure from Evelyn's Antiques in Schulenberg, Texas.
Till next time, have a wonderful day.

Blessings and Blue Skies Be Yours.
Celestina Marie

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