Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Growing Up with Historic Influence~

Gorgeous and historic sites were as close as my backyard growing up near the designated National and Historic site of The Dearborn Inn.

Built by Henry Ford, the inventor of the automobile and his son Edsel, was designed by the architect Albert Kahn in 1931. Last November the beautiful Georgian style hotel celebrated it's 81st

Having this gorgeous place in my neighborhood growing up was so special and over the years my guy and I have had the privilege of staying here many times. The influence of it's grandeur always encouraged me as a decorator. Over time, renovations have taken place but the original character and style have been preserved and maintained.

Some time ago I had an opportunity to visit again and took these pics to share. From the beautiful chandeliers to the floors and the outside gardens, every inch is elegant.
Next fall we will stay in this gorgeous Inn once again and I look forward to the visit.

The reception area with beautiful grand piano. I was honored to play this gorgeous instrument while on my stay.
The keys feel like silk.

Beautiful sun rooms flow outside to gorgeous gardens.

Sitting areas and living areas  to relax with family and friends.

Stunning ceilings with grand chandeliers.

Comfortable living rooms overlooking the fireplace with a beautiful painting of Henry Ford.

Gorgeous flower arrangements
grace large gathering tables.

The Dearborn Inn,
a beautiful place to stay, visit and enjoy
 the history of days gone by in a special place I called home.

See you next time.
XO Celestina Marie

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